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BFGoodrich has great tires for all vehicles

tires. The Advantage T/A is a Grand Touring All-Season tire designed with performance in mind but features a long tread life and all weather traction. This tire is one of the highest rated in its category. BFGoodrich makes this tire in 17 sizes, mostly 15- and 16-inch with four 17-inch and one 18-inch.…

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Rims and Tires for Ford Raptor at Tire Rack

…18 inch Mamba M5 Rims and tires A few sizes I would recommend for the 17 inch Rims or the 18 inch Rims. Rim width range is approximate check each tire for the Manufactures recommended rim width range. Each suggested tire size is approximately 35 inches in overall diameter. Tire sizes for 17 inch Rims*…

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Mud Tires and Wheels for Ford F150 Raptor

inch Mamba M5 wheels and tires. A few sizes I would recommend for the 17-inch wheels the 18-inch wheels follow: NOTE: Wheel width range is approximate. Check each tire for the manufacturer.s recommended wheel width range. Each suggested tire size is approximatly 35 inches in overall diameter. Tire

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Winter / Snow Tires to Get Your Odyssey Home

Winter / Snow Tires to Get Your Odyssey Home

…and determine purchasing a set of snow tires is in your best interest, review the options in the Studless Ice and Snow category to receive optimum ice and snow grip. Snow Tire Size Depending on your trim level you either have 235/65-17 or 235/60-18 sized tires. Both sizes will work well in snow as the…

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How to improve your ride quality. Lexus IS250 and OE tires.

tires and wheels gave the car a stiffer ride quality because of the lower profile. If keeping the wheels is preferred, I would recommend selecting a tire that is more ride-oriented. But the surest way to solve the problem is to downsize to a 17-inch Tire & Wheel Package AND pick a nice riding tire.…

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17" Alternate Size for the Dodge Journey

…been asked about different tire size options for the 225/65R17-equipped Journey. For this particular model, I would suggest looking at 235/65R17 as an optional size. These will be about a half-inch wider and taller. What this does is open up some different top-rated tires to install on your Dodge Journey…

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Rough Ride from Low Profile Tires?

…a 16-inch tire and wheel (16x7 wheel and 225/55R16 tire). Another option is to select a better riding 17" tire from the Grand Touring All-Season category. My recommendations: * Michelin Primacy MXM4* Bridgestone Turanza SerenityBoth tires are known to be quiet and comfortable. Two other tires to consider…

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Cadillac Tires

…order tires for is the Cadillac SRX. It has either a 17- or 18-inch staggered tire size, meaning a different size front-to-rear. Many opt for a value-oriented Kumho tire. In the 17-inch sizes, the Kumho Solus KH16 is popular and in the 18-inch size it's the Kumho Ecsta STX KL12. Both tires are highly…

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Need Miata Performance Tires? Buy Firestone Tires!

…Firestone Firehawk tires in our BMW 328i test vehicle and was impressed with the tire's quiet and smooth ride, as well as its dry grip. Price was also a factor in my decision because the car is now over 17 years old. After taking the car out on a first drive with this new high performance tire on all four corners…

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Tire Tech Information - Plus Size Wheels & Tires

tires go together and show up everywhere from America's new car showrooms to its roads, tracks and trails. So whether the vehicle came from the assembly line or was upgraded after it was delivered, Plus Sizing (also called "Inch-Up" sizing in other parts of the world) probably played a role in its tire

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Tire Tech Information - Calculating Approximate Tire Dimensions

…Approximate Tire Dimensions Lea esta pgina en espaol Most modern passenger car and light truck tires feature size designations that indicate the tire's dimensions in a combination of metric, mathematical and English systems. While this unusual combination of millimeters, percentages and inches is a byproduct…

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Run-Flat Winter Tires at Tire Rack

…designed and available in a 255/55R18 for BMW Xdrive Sport Activity Vehicles)Pirelli Run-Flat Winter Tires * Pirelli Winter 210 Sottozero RFT (available as a Performance Winter / Snow tire in three 17-inch diameter sizes* Pirelli Winter 240 Sotozero Series II RFT (designed for colder environments that may…

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Related Categories: 20 Inch Truck Tires | Dodge Journey Tires | Rough Ride | Mazda 3 Quiet Tires | 20 Inch Mud Terrain | 20 Inch Mud Tires | 20 Inch Tires | Bf Goodrich Advantage T A Ratings | Ford Raptor | 20 Inch Snow Tires
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