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Bridgestone Blizzak WS60 Tires on Closeout at Tire Rack

…are the remaining sizes (and service descriptions) in stock as of right now. Discontinued Sizes: 185/70R14 88R 195/60R14 86R 175/65R15 84R 195/60R15 88R 195/65R15 91R 205/70R15 96R 215/60R15 94R 215/65R15 96R 215/70R15 98R 205/60R16 92R 215/60R16 95R 215/65R16 98R 225/50R16 92R 235/65R16 103R 205/40R17…

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Winter Tires for Your Ford Focus!

…the Bridgestone Blizzak WS60 as it's best on ICE and hard-packed snow. For the budget pick, the General AltiMAX Arctic would be a great choice. In 195/60R15, the Bridgestone Blizzak WS70 works great along with the Continental ExtremeWinterContact. The budget pick here is also the General AltiMAX Arctic…

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Best New Tires for Honda Civic

Best New Tires for Honda Civic

…1996-2000 Honda Civic (185/65R14) General AltiMAX RT43 Hankook Optimo H727 2001-2005 Honda Civic (185/70R4 or 195/60R15) General AltiMAX RT43 Michelin Defender 2006-20014 Honda Civic (195/65R15 or 205/55R16) General AltiMAX RT43 Continental PureContact with EcoPlus Technology As you can see, the General…

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Tire Sizing

Let's look at tire sizing for a moment. POP QUIZ 195/70R14 205/60R15 245/45R16 Which of these tires is the widest, and which is the tallest in overall diameter? Dissecting the code you find the the first number 195 is the actual width of the tire in millimeters. Divide this by the 25.4 to get the section…

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What Fits a Fit?

What Fits a Fit?

…that are 15x6.5 or wider will find that the original tires are only recommended to fit on wheels up to 6" wide. Those with wider 15" wheels can use 195/60R15. This tire size will fit wheels up to 7" wide, which includes all the 15" wheels we currently offer for the Fit. They are slightly wider and any difference…

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Tire Size Conversion Chart

…155R15 P155/80R15 185/65R15 195/60R15 6.00-15 B 165R15 P165/80R15 185/70R15 195/65R15 205/60R15 225/50R15 6.50-15 6.85-15 C 175R15 195/70R15 205/65R15 215/60R15 D 7.35-15 E 185R15 P195/75R15 205/70R15 215/65R15 225/60R15 6.70-15 7.75-15 F 195R15 P205/75R15 215/70R15 235/60R15 8.15-15 7.10-15 G 205R15 P215…

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Tire Tech Information - Diameter Comparison of Light Truck Tire Sizes

60R15 255/55R17 LT245/65R15 27-1/2 225/70R15 LT215/75R15 215/75R15 27 205/75R15 255/60R15 255/50R17 LT205/75R15 225/60R16 305/50R15 215/65R16 26-1/2 225/70R14 245/60R15 295/50R15 LT195/75R15 27X8.50R14LT 195/75R15 26 185R14 195/70R15 235/60R15 215/70R14 215/65R15 205/75R14 25-1/2 205/70R14 225/60R15

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Related Categories: Blizzak 195 60r15 | Blizzak Closeout | Closeout Tires | 195 60r14 | 205 40r17 | Ford Focus Wheels | Size Calculator | 225 60r16 | 185 65r14 | Honda Civic

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