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Michelin LTX Tires
…Highway All-Season TireMichelin LTX A/T 2* Available in 36 load range, sidewall and size configurations from 15-20 inch* Developed to provide even wear and low noise with year-round traction and the durability expected from rugged off-road tires without forsaking on-road comfort and handling* Maximum…

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Tire Tech Information - Diameter Comparison of Light Truck Tire Sizes
…for more info on important things to consider when selecting truck tire sizes. Always verify that the load capacity of the new tire is sufficient for your vehicle. The approximate width of metric sized tires can be converted into inches by dividing the branded Section Width in millimeters by 25.4; for…

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Tire Tech Information - Tire Specs Explained: Maximum Inflation Pressure
tire's maximum inflation pressure is indicated in relatively small-sized print branded near the tire's bead (adjacent to the wheel) indicating the appropriate value. Because tires are global products, their maximum inflation pressure is branded on the tire in kilopascals (kPa) and pounds per square inch

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Parada Spec-X
…-season tire is able to handle most weather conditions, even light snow. It has a very smooth and quiet ride, that can be difficult to find in this category. The Yokohama Parada Spec-X is made in 36 H- and V-speed rated sizes ranging from 17- to 28-inches. Check out the great reviews given to this tire from…
Tire Tech Information - Tire Specs Explained: Maximum Load
Tires Shaving Tires for Autocross / Track Use / Competition Storing Track & Competition DOT Tires in Cold Temperatures Tire Inspections Between Sessions Tire Specs Explained: Rim Width Range for Track & Competition Use Tire Specs Explained: Maximum Load Lea esta pgina en espaol Maximum Load A tire's

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Tire Tech Information - North American Load and Pressure Markings
…en espaol The maximum load and maximum inflation pressure are required to be branded on the sidewall of tires sold in North America.Tire pressures are normally measured in "pounds per square inch" (psi), Kilopascals (kPa), or bars of pressure (bars). At sea level, Earth's atmosphere is pressing against…

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Looking for Your Next Set of R Compound Track Tires?
…optimum tire pressures are easy to figure out, and I've found they work well after a lap or two warm up all the way to the end. Overall, a real nice reliable track tire with good stick." -- Tire Rack Consumer Review, Porsche 968, CA A good reminder on mounting these tires. They need at least 36-48 hours…

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Search Suggestions: Lt Vs P | Diameter Chart | Michelin Ltx | Bridgestone Potenza Re92 | Gravel Road Tires | Flotation | 33 Inch | Lt275 65r18 | Lt 285 75r16 | Lt325 65r18

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