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Tire Tech Information - Tire Size Conversion Chart

…load capacity, followed by an "R" if radial ply construction, the tire's aspect ratio and wheel diameter. So while G78-15, G70-15 and G60-15 sized tires are all rated to carry the same maximum load, their different aspect ratios resulted in tires with the overall diameters indicated below. Tire Size Overall…

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Tire Tech Information - Calculating Approximate Tire Dimensions

…second pair of numbers (225/ 45R17) is the tire's aspect ratio or profile. This percentage represents the ratio of sidewall's section height to the tire's section width. The section height can be calculated by multiplying the section width by the aspect ratio percentage. The answer will be the height of one…

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More on Plus Sizing

…shorter and wider. While the shape changes, the size (area) of the contact patch remains relatively unchanged. * High aspect ratio = tall and narrow contact patch* Short aspect ratio = chort and wide contact patchWhat does this mean? The tread blocks with a taller, narrow profile have more deflection…

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Tire Tech Information - Tire Specs Explained: Measuring Rim Width

…/50R15 7.0" P225/45R17 7.5" P225/40R18 8.0" The assigned measuring rim width changes with the tire size's section width and with the tire size's aspect ratio. As tire section width increases, the measuring rim width increases proportionately in 1/2" increments. Therefore, relatively narrow wheel widths…

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Plus 1 Plus 2 Equals What?

…section width (first number in the size) while decreasing the aspect ratio (second number in the size). The wheel size stays the same so you will not have to purchase new wheels. Plus 1 - Increase the section width while decreasing aspect ratio but also increase the wheel size by 1 inch. The result is approximately…

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Tire Tech Information - Contact Patch

…those big Reebok's do. The shape of a tire's contact patch or "footprint" greatly influences its performance and is dependent on its profile or "aspect ratio". Low profile tires (most performance tires) have a short and wide contact patch that is effective in converting the driver's input into very responsive…

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How Do I Know What Kind of Tire I Need?

How Do I Know What Kind of Tire I Need?

…a look at tires in the Standard Touring All-Season category. Tires in this category are typically available in lower speed ratings and higher aspect ratio sizes. They often place more of an emphasis on ride comfort and treadwear than Grand Touring tires. Passenger All-Season - While the steering response…

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Tire Size Conversion Chart

…N * When replacing Alpha Numeric tires with Euro-metric or P-metric tires, look for the Euro-metric or P-metric size listed in the equivalent aspect ratio. For example, when replacing a FR78-14, you would look up the appropriate 75-series size, the 205/75R14. If replacing a FR70-14, you would look…

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Installation is Even Easier!

Installation is Even Easier!

…that the "Series" of the tire is the second part of the tire's size. For example, a 205/65R15 is a 65 Series tire. More information on sidewall aspect ratio can be found by reading "Tire Size Guide." * 60 Series and up $12.00 * 50-55 Series $12.00 * 40-45 Series $15.00 * 35 Series and lower $19.00 We…

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Winter Wheels & Winter Tires for Your Vehicle Made Easy

…suggest an affordable wheel and tire package for winter, downsizing the wheel and tire whenever possible. By downsizing, you get a higher sidewall aspect ratio along with a narrower tread width that helps the tire cut the snow. But what do you do about your tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS)? Most…

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Tire Tech Information - Load Range / Ply Rating Identification

…will be branded light load, and identified by an LL in their descriptions, as in P285/35R-19 LL. Note: Only P-metric sized tires with 45-series aspect ratios or lower may be manufactured in a light load configuration. Light load tires are designed to carry less weight than standard load tires and have…

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Review of: Goodyear Eagle GS-D

…before these tires run out of stick-um. I had to drop to 45 ratio tires to get tires to fit this time. Turned out to be OK%21 If I can%27t get the same tire next time, I would rather buy bigger rims and go one size up and 35 or 40 aspect ratio than switch tires%21%21%21%21 The rears usually last only…

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Related Categories: Tire Size Equivalent Calculator | Tire Size Chart | Changing Aspect Ratio | Rolling Diameter Calculator | Diameter Chart | Sidewall Aspect Ratio | Rim Width Tire Size | Equivalent Tire Sizes | Size Calculator | Rim Width Chart
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