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Wider Tires on Your BMW 3 Series

Wider Tires on Your BMW 3 Series

…contact patch and for an improved cosmetic appearance. Here is a list of common plus zero sizes on two popular generations of BMW 3 Series vehicles: E36 (most 1992-1998 BMW 318i, 325i, 328i, 330i models): * If you have factory 16" wheels with the Original Equipment size of 205/55R16, you can install 225/50R16…

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Tire Test Results : All- vs. Rear-Wheel Drive on Ice

…seconds. Accelerating the BMW 325i equipped with Blizzak LM-25 tires on ice also proved to be easy. In spite of BMW's Dynamic Traction Control working as promised, it took our drivers an average of 5.954 seconds to cover our 60-foot measured distance. Even considering the BMW 325i weighed about 1,400 pound…

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Tire Test Results : Function Meets Fashion in High Performance All-Season Tires

…-mannered performance tire with sure-footed wet and dry traction * Latest Test Rank: 1st * Previous Test Rank: 2nd (May '06) Vehicles used: 2008 BMW E92 325i Coupe Today there is a large population of sporty sedans and coupes that benefit from the performance-oriented handling of, and whose drivers enjoy…

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Upgrade to Aftermarket Wheels

…most cases, when choosing a larger wheel size, the tire size will need to be modified in order to accommodate the difference. As an example, a 2006 BMW 325i Sedan Base Model comes stock with 205/55R16 tires and 16x6 wheels. If one were to buy a 17" wheel, the initial choice for tire size would shift to…

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Looking for BMW Brake Pads?

Looking for BMW Brake Pads?

…level. Many of us at Tire Rack use the HPS (High Performance Street) pads with excellent results. I was very pleased with the set that I had on my BMW 325i. The HPS is available for a variety of applications. To see available brake products for your car, shop by vehicle.

Tire Test Results : Technological or Traditional Traction For Ice and Packed Snow?

…Studdable Winter / Snow tire featuring traditional traction * Latest Test Rank: 4th * Previous Test Rank: Not previously tested Vehicles used: 2006 BMW E90 325i Sedan Ever since the introduction of the automobile, snow-packed and ice-covered roads have represented some of the most challenging winter driving…

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Spring Testing

…corners. To evaluate the effect of such modifications, Tire Rack conducted a "Real World Road Ride" and "Performance Test Track Drive" using three BMW 325i sedans. The cars were driven by several dozen people whose driving skills ranged from expert to average, a fairly representative cross sample of the…

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BMW Snow Tires and Rims Available at Tire Rack

…accept O.E. BMW center caps. Visit the Upgrade Garage for fitment and availability as some may not fit your BMW’s year and model. Click the "Product Description" tab on the wheel summary page to see if the selected wheel will accept your O.E. center cap. Here is an option for a 2006 BMW 325i from ASA…

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BMW Rims to Accept O.E. Center Caps

…from your BMW. Use our website tool for fitment and availability of each rim as some will not work depending on the year make and model BMW you have. Click the "Products" tab on the wheel summary page to see if the wheel will accept the OE center cap. Here is an option for your 06 BMW 325i from ASA.…

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Tire Test Results : What Honest Abe Doesn't Tell You About Minimum Tread Depths

…stopping distance compared to new tires shows the minimum legal tread depth isn't enough for panic stopping on wet expressways! Vehicles used: 2006 BMW 325i 2006 Ford F-150 Super Cab 4x2 New tests show Washington's quarter is a safer measure. The accident report read, "I was driving on the expressway with…

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New Car, New Wheels, New Tires

My venerable BMW 325i met its fate a few months ago at the hands of a skidding Honda Pilot, so I got an old BMW 740i to console myself. The wheels from my 325i were the wrong offset for the 740i, so that meant I would have to purchase new wheels and tires for the summer (my snow tires are on the factory…

Tire Test Results : All Season vs. Winter (Passenger Vehicle): The Difference Between Wintertime Gripping and White Knuckle Snow Slipping

…-season tires. This combination should not be used on street-driven vehicles and will not be offered to Tire Rack's customers. Vehicles used: 2006 BMW E90 325i Sedan Today's new cars, vans and light trucks are originally fitted with either summer or all-season tires as they leave the factory. Summer tires…

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Related Categories: Tires Bmw 325i | Winter Driving Rear Wheel Drive | Rear Wheel Drive Snow | E36 | E46 | 235 45r17 | Plus Zero Sizing | 225 50r16 | 205 50r16 | 235 40r18
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