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Wheel Clearance = Affordable Wheels

…shock still exists. So at Tire Rack, we do our best to help you out whenever possible. And right now, you can find a number of our wheels on the clearance rack. Find wheels for snow tires. Search reputable brands like MSW Wheels and Sport Edition Wheels, Borbet rims and more. Push the savings even further…

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Tire Size Conversion Chart

…appropriate 60-series size, the 235/60R14. * Listing in chart does not imply complete interchangeability. * When changing tire sizes, dimensional clearances must be checked. Close Window

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Clearance Closeout Tire & Wheel Packages for Your Second-Generation 4-108 Ford Focus

Clearance Closeout Tire & Wheel Packages for Your Second-Generation 4-108 Ford Focus

…staying with their current Focus. Are you happy with your Focus but want to freshen it up? Why not take advantage of some extraordinary savings on clearance 4-108 wheels and special buy Fuzion tires to create a Tire and Wheel Package for less than $600?* Building your Tire and Wheel Package is quick and…

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Review of: Pirelli Winter Carving Edge

…the worst weather with relative ease. No, extremely deep snow is off limits, but that%27s a limiation with the vehicles relatively minimal ground clearance. Sure, you have to be cautious with throttle applications and aggressive cornering, but that%27s with any studded tire. These tires do fine in the…

Tire Rack : Big Brake Kits

…) * Caliper Color: Red, Black, Silver * Statement-making looks and performance * Requires the use of aftermarket wheels with the necessary brake clearance * Kit includes calipers, rotors, pads, brakelines and mounting hardware more info / buy Additional Product Information Overview | Reviews Brembo GT…

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Lorenzo Wheels Available at Tire Rack

…result of their state-of-the-art manufacturing process that highlights their attention to detail in wheel finishes. Lorenzo wheels feature the clearances needed for most luxury and high performance vehicles' premium brake upgrades and are TPMS-compatible. To see which Lorenzo wheels are available for…

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Wheel Clearance Event: Bright PVD Bremmer Kraft BR05

Wheel Clearance Event: Bright PVD Bremmer Kraft BR05

Have you been checking out our Wheel Clearance Event? One unique finish that may have caught your eye is the bright PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) finish on the Bremmer Kraft BR05. Physical Vapor Deposition is when the manufacturer electrostatically applies an ionized vapor to the alloy surface in a…

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Suspension Tech - Altitude and Attitude Adjustment

…you drive, your vehicles development engineers were faced with considerations that ultimately affected its performance bumper heights, snow chain clearance and the number of people the vehicle was designed to carry. To accommodate all of those variables, your cars suspension had to be tuned for average…

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O.Z. Racing Tuner System Wheels Available at Tire Rack

…fitment without the limitations associated with one-piece wheels. Tire Rack's fitment specialists work to find the best balance between required brake clearance and maximum outer lip depth for the most aggressive appearance. Applications are available for many of the world's most exotic cars including Aston…

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Wheel Tech - Alloy vs. Steel Wheels in Winter Tire & Wheel Packages

…steel wheels and have superior strength May be the preferred option for your vehicle based on fitment requirements Will allow for better brake clearance (depending on wheel style and brake components installed) Require proper maintenance as finish damage may result in the harshest winter climates…

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Aftermarket car rims on the clearance rack? You bet.

Update your vehicle with a set of aftermarket car rims from our clearance rack. Act quick, though—this offer is only good while supplies last. Search by vehicle and look for wheels with Closeout (blue) and/or Special (yellow) prices. And while you're at it, you may want to check out tires. Wheel prices…

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Tire Tech Information - Plus Size Wheels and Tires

…supports the premise that it's important to maintain the same overall tire diameter whenever changing tires and wheel sizes to ensure sufficient ground clearance, appropriate driveline gearing and accurate speedometer readings. Large changes in overall tire diameter can alter the accuracy of the speedometer…

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Related Categories: Wheel Clearance | Clearance Rims | Discount Rims | Discount Wheels | Equivalent Tire Sizes | Used Chrome Wheels | Tire Size Interchange | Black Rims Chrome Lip | 4-108 | Big Brake Kit
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