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Contact Patch
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  • How big is your contact patch?

  • …always telling you to keep an eye on your tires' tread depth. A contact patch is about the size of your hand (times four, of course). Not that big considering the weight and movement that those contact patches must support. Contact patches are dependent on a tire’s aspect ratio (profile) -- low profile…

  • Why are Narrower Tires Better for Winter Driving?

  • …about this is from the perspective of the contact patch. A tire's contact patch or "footprint" greatly influences its performance and is dependent on its profile. The narrower the width, the smaller the contact patch will be. This is the area that makes contact with the ground as rotation occurs. With…

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  • Contact Patch?

  • Contact patch, two little words that represent a major impact on your vehicle's performance and your safety. A tire's contact patch or as it is often called, the tire's footprint, is normally not much bigger than your hand and often smaller than a professional sport player's shoes, yet, it's the only…

  • Getting the Most From Your Competition Tires

  • …the same time? Luckily, Tire Rack offers competition tire heat cycling and shaving for these exact needs. Any tread design that breaks up the contact patch into smaller elements or adds additional tread depth (required to enhance wet traction) will increase tread block squirm and reduce dry performance…

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  • More on Plus Sizing

  • …height decreases. The contact patch of the tire changes shape by becoming shorter and wider. While the shape changes, the size (area) of the contact patch remains relatively unchanged. * High aspect ratio = tall and narrow contact patch* Short aspect ratio = chort and wide contact patchWhat does this mean?…

  • Goodyear Assurance TripleTred All-Season's Evolving Wet Traction

  • …experienced, a tire's wet traction tends to diminish as the tread wears down and loses the tread depth needed to pump water out from under the contact patch. It's for this reason that we consider a tire's wet traction capability to be compromised when as little as 4/32" of tread depth is remaining. To…

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