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…on this answer. Can I install new brake pads with my old brake rotors? As long as the old rotors have been turned or resurfaced to even out the mating surface and remove any old pad transfer film, there should be no major issues reusing your old rotors. Make sure your installer has confirmed the turned…

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…Does Tire Rack offer live chat? More BRAKES * Why are my new brake pads producing noise and dust? * What is brake pad bedding-in and why do I need to do it with new pads? * What are glazed pads? * Is there such a thing as a dust-free brake pad? * What are brake pad bed-in procedures? * What happens if…

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…Construction Wheel Cover Installation Instructions Wheel Lug Torquing Why Shop for Wheels by First Selecting a Vehicle? All About Performance Categories Brake Pad and Rotor Bed-In Procedures Brake Pad or Rotor Inspection & Replacement Brake Rotors and Track Use Brakes 101 Choosing Brake Components Cryogenics…

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