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About Tire Rack Testing Program

…Results... Additional Info * Testing Tires Video On the Track See recently completed tests Tire Rack's Tire Testing Program Test driver is one of the job descriptions for every Tire Rack sales specialist. That's because Tire Rack believes it is first-hand experience and extensive training that allow our…

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Touch of Grey for Your Chevy Impala

Touch of Grey for Your Chevy Impala

…is more appealing to the eye because of better symmetry. With five lugs and four spokes you can either have a spoke aligned with a lug opening or the lug openings between each spoke. You can't achieve this same symmetry with five spokes and four lugs. * Tire Rack's Upgrade Garage suggests a tire size…

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Head 2 Head 2015 BMW M4 Hot Laps (02:35)

…Pilot Super Sport tires took on the racetrack's tight, winding turns (in the hot sun). Motor Trend Head 2 Head's Randy Pobst knew it would be a big job with a car that fast and with that kind of torque/horsepower. Were the Michelins up to the job? * All Videos * Tires * Wheels * Winter / Snow Tires *…

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Testing All-Season & Winter Tires in the Snow of Northern Sweden (01:43)

…Snow of Northern Sweden (01:43) Category: Tires Email Facebook Google+Twitter Share Since you can't control winter weather; what tires do the best job of helping you control your car when you have to drive through it? Tire Rack answers that question by going to Northern Sweden to test the wintertime…

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Pull Those Stud Cips!

…clips are installed to hold the drum or rotor in place against the hub as the vehicle moves down the assembly line in the factory. They do a great job of keeping the rotor from falling off before the caliper and brake pads are installed but once the car or truck is assembled, they serve no important…

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Disc Brake Challenge Part V: Bleeding The Brakes And Bedding-In The Pads

…The brake fluid reservoir sits on top of your master cylinder and it's translucent. That's so you can see the color of the fluid without actually opening the cap. If it looks like it's full of coffee or strong tea, it's time for a fluid change. I sucked out some fluid using a clean syringe and hose to…

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Tire Test Results : Studless Ice & Snow Winter Tires: Finding Which is Best When Winter Weather is at its Worst

…but you can control what tires you put on your vehicle. And when it comes to dealing with the worst winter weather, there's no better tool for the job than a tire from the Studless Ice & Snow category. These winter season performers are focused on providing the best possible traction in slush, snow…

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Tire Test Results : Testing Bridgestone's Potenza RE970AS Pole Position Ultra High Performance All-Season Tire

…Position and ExtremeContact DWS both did a good job taking the edge off the sharp impacts from expansion joints and bigger hits of potholes and rough patched sections of the road. Close behind was the P Zero Nero All Season that also did a good job smoothing out the road's irregularities. The overall…

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Tire Test Results : Winter Testing at the Arctic Circle: Ultra High Performance All-Season

…snow traction * What We'd Improve: A modest improvement in snow traction would push this tire to the front. * Winter Conclusion: Does an admirable job churning its way through the snow. * Latest Test Rank: 2nd (winter) * Previous Test Rank: 3rd (August '08), 4th (May '08), 1st (winter, January '08)…

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G2 Brake Caliper PaintSystem Set

…Green Lime Green White Pink Orange The G-2 Manufacturing Brake Caliper PaintSystem Set was developed to show off a vehicles brake components through open-spoke style alloy wheels. It can be used to give all of a vehicles stock brake calipers the look of expensive, painted, high performance calipers, as…

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Tire Tech Information - When Should I Replace My Tires?

…require tread designs or even much tread depth to deliver traction on dry roads. A practical example of this is the racing slicks used on stock cars and open-wheel racers that provide traction at over 200 mph. However, tires do require tread designs to generate traction on wet, slushy and snow-covered roads…

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Tire Tech Information - Pirelli Modular Integrated Robotized System (MIRS)

…trip to Pirelli's facilities in Europe, several members of the Tire Rack team had the opportunity to visit their tire plant in Brueberg, Germany. Opened in 1963, this tire manufacturing facility is unique because it now features multiple generations of tire manufacturing equipment within its walls,…

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