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Career Opportunities at Tire Rack

…Work closely with online marketing manager and department leads to solidify design direction and effectively translate ecommerce/business goals and requirements into compelling visual solutions * Also includes online advertising, mobile/social media platforms and email marketing * Maintain design standards…

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Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems On After Market Wheels

As a Tire Rack retail sales representative, one of the most common questions I have is "If my vehicle came from the factory with a direct Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) and I am going to use aftermarket wheels, what options do I have regarding the TPMS?" It boils down to the following three…

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Reviews for G2 Brake Caliper PaintSystem Set

…NY 23 of 39 people found the following review helpful: February 06, 2010 While this paint system is easy enough to use it's major drawback is the marketing. I've been a autobody hobbyist for over a decade now and I've never heard of a Paint product where you can't purchase the material and activator/reactor…

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Marketer Becomes Tire Tester

Marketer Becomes Tire Tester

…-half years on the job, I finally got the call I was waiting for: a chance to be a Tire Rack tire tester! Along with other members of the Tire Rack marketing team, this was OUR opportunity to get behind the wheel of our test BMWs and develop our own opinions on tire performance and truly understand what…

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Hankook Brings Affordability, Performance and Comfort to the SUV Market

…options, these vehicles and their premium packages are attractive to consumers and very aesthetically pleasing. A tire that has brought relief to this market is the Hankook Ventus AS RH07. Available for a fraction of the cost of most Original Equipment tires, this tire offers a cost effective solution to…

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Tire Test Results : Testing Passenger and Touring All-Season Tires

…Shakespeare What's in a name? Mr. Shakespeare would say it doesn't really matter. But most marketing execs will tell you that a product's name can make or break even the best invention. New tire designs are often marketed with this same strategy, where the product's name is intended to convey something about…

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Testing Passenger and Touring All-Season Tires (03:01)

…or Defender, many of today's Passenger/Standard Touring All-Season tires have strong names in hopes of striking a chord with consumers. All that marketing strategy sounds good in theory. How do these tires drive in the real world? Let's find out. Read the full test report. * All Videos * Tires * Wheels…

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Where in the world?

…team is fielding lots of calls about this issue. All of the major tire manufacturers -- Goodyear, Bridgestone, Michelin, etc. -- are using a global market strategy for manufacturing. This means tires are being manufactured all over the world in places like Portugual, Brazil, Korea and China. Since there…
Are Sumitomo Tires Good?

Are Sumitomo Tires Good?

…good tire. Like any manufacturer, Sumitomo makes a number of different models to fit different driving styles and customer needs. Are you in the market for high performance handling and excellent wet and dry traction? Try the Sumitomo HTR Z III. Do you need something a little bit sporty, but with the…

Winter Tech - Tire Warranties

…which time the tread blocks are worn flush with the treadwear indicator bars. Tread/Mileage Warranties Treadlife/mileage warranties are a popular marketing tool used to help position tires competitively in the marketplace by identifying their potential longevity. However not all consumers will receive…

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Tire Rack Gift Certificates: The Perfect Holiday Gift

Tire Rack Gift Certificates: The Perfect Holiday Gift

…email address will be used once only for the purpose of sending the electronic Gift Certificate being purchased and will not be used for any other marketing purposes. * Gift Certificate cash value is 1/10 of one cent.

Tire Tech Information - Uniform Tire Quality Grade (UTQG) Standards

…appears to be the least consistent. While the Treadwear Grade was originally intended to be assigned purely scientifically, it has also become a marketing tool used by manufacturers to help position and promote their tires. Treadwear Grades UTQG Treadwear Grades are based on actual road use in which…

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Related Categories: Careers | Career Opportunities | Job Openings | South Bend | Job Opportunities | Warehouse Locations | See Wheels On Car | 185 75 15 | 185 45 15 | South Bend Indiana
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