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Measure Tread Depth
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  • Measuring Tread Depth
  • Did you know you that you can use U.S. coins as a substitute for a tire tread depth gauge? Of course, this method is not as accurate as using an actual tread depth gauge, but it is a reasonable substitute. Tread depths can vary from one tire size to another. As your tire wears, it loses its ability…

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  • I Love this Tread Depth Video
  • …season...or through the intersection. Watch the video "Panic Stopping: How Much Tread Depth Do You Need?" here. Stay on top of your tread depth by using the nifty measuring device we carry — the Dill Digital Tread Depth Gauge.

  • When is The Right Time to Replace Tires?
  • …remaining tread depth indicates a need to replace tires, should you buy tires even if part of Lincoln's head is covered when using a penny to measure your tire's tread depth? Take a look at "Measuring Tire Tread Depth with a Coin" to see how U.S. coins can be used in place of a tire tread depth gauge. If…

  • Measuring Tread Depth
  • tread design greatly impacts hydroplaning resistance and wet traction, while also impacting snow traction in all-season and winter tires. Even the most aggressive looking tread pattern will be rendered ineffective with no tread depth remaining. For more information check out this article on measuring


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