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Is Camber Correction Necessary When Lowering?

Is Camber Correction Necessary When Lowering?

negative camber. When looking at the wheel and tire assembly, this can be identified when the top side of the wheel/tire slants inward towards the vehicle's center. Negative camber is a positive trait for those looking to track their cars or drive spiritedly. It helps the car turn in and the tire's

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Tire Tech Information - Air Pressure for Competition Tires

…and with a good amount of negative camber. If properly inflated, these problems can be avoided. Probably the biggest adjustment you can make to improve tire wear is the driver. Avoid sliding the tires, locking up the wheels under braking and drive as smooth as possible. Tire Pressures in the Rain For…

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Why do tires wear on the inside?

camber. Negative camber causes both tires to lean on the axle towards the center of the vehicle. All four tires develop an equal and offsetting "camber thrust" force even when the car is driven straight ahead. When the vehicle encounters a bump that causes one tire to lose its grip, the other tire's

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Spring Testing

…front negative camber was found to be more negative (in the 1.75 to 2 negative range). On the plus side, this additional negative camber will help the front tires resist rollover during hard turns and helps them provide more cornering grip. On the minus side, negative camber forces the tire's inside…

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Caring for Your Tires: Even the Experts Aren't Perfect

Caring for Your Tires: Even the Experts Aren't Perfect

…he took his summer tires off, the inside edge was down to the cords and the outside was almost at full tread depth. He guessed the culprit was excessive negative camber, probably from his custom springs settling lower than they were when the alignment was set. The life of a tire expert usually means…

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The Connection Between Tread Depth, Tire Rotation and Alignment

When rotating your tires, it is also important to measure their tread depth to help determine if your vehicle has an alignment issue. You may find that when the edge of a tire wears differently than another it can point to camber. * Negative camber is wear on the inside edge of a tire and is pretty common…

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E46 M3 Track Tires and Wheels

E46 M3 Track Tires and Wheels

…We consider the above wheels and 265/35R18, 275/35R18 and 285/30R18 sized tires all to be custom sizes requiring varying degrees of fender modification and wheelwell modification. High negative camber helps with front tire clearance, too. If you've changed to coil-overs or aftermarket struts, you may…

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Eibach Recommended Align. Kit

Eibach Recommended Align. Kit

…a vehicles' alignment should always be checked. Once lowered, a wheel's camber may become "increasingly negative," meaning the top of the tire is angled inward (toward the center of the vehicle). While some "negative" camber aids in improving traction and road adhesion, too muchcan result in peculiar…

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Road Trip Season

Road Trip Season

…depth on the inside, middle and outside areas of the tread; sometimes alignment settings can lead to uneven wear. A car with too much negative camber may have a tire that looks fairly new on the outside shoulder and is down to the cords on the inside edge. View our accessories to find the products you'll…

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Winter / Snow Tire Maintenance Tips from the Tire Rack Experts

Winter / Snow Tire Maintenance Tips from the Tire Rack Experts

…deeper tread depth of new tires is more sensitive to any issues. Of the three normal alignment adjustments (caster, camber and toe), camber is the most important to keep an eye on as too much positive camber will wear the outside edges of your tires, while too much negative camber will wear the inside edges…

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(PDF Document: Michelin_Care_and_Feeding.pdf)

…Performance sport tires. STREET LEGAL, COMPETITION READY. a DoT-approved competition tire, the michelin Pilot sport cup tire offers extreme cornering grip and consistent lap times. GENERAL PRESSURE GUIDELINES TEMPERATURE vS. PRESSURE a tire's pressure is dependent on its temperature. if the tire temperature…

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Winter Tech - Winter Maintenance Tips

camber and toe settings are the most important while caster settings have little influence on tire wear. Camber is important and is used to describe the vertical tilt of your tires. If the top of the tire tilts outward it is called positive camber, and if it tilts inward it is called negative camber.…

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Related Categories: Camber Kit | Camber | Camber Wear | Inner Tire Wear | Eibach | Alignment Kit | Lowering Springs | Eibach Springs | Lowering Car | Camber Bolts
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