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Tire Tech Information - Tire Specs Explained: Tread Depth

…with a tire tread depth gauge. When tires have neared the end of their life, a U.S. Lincoln penny can also be used to confirm the tire's tread depth. If Lincoln's entire head is visible, the tire is worn to approximately 2/32" and is considered legally worn out in most States. Average new tires used on…

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Winter Tread Depth - When to Stop Using Tires in Snow and on Ice

tread depth, tires do not have enough biting edges and shallower circumferential grooves to effectively evacuate deep snow and slush. The illustration below shows tires (from left to right) at new tread depth, worn to 6/32" and then worn to 2/32". You can see as the tire approaches 6/32" the tread

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With Bad Weather on the Horizon, Now's the Time for New Tires

With Bad Weather on the Horizon, Now's the Time for New Tires

While most passenger car tires come new with at least 10/32" of tread depth, most people don't realize that once the tire has less than 6/32" of remaining depth, your wet road and snow traction capabilities dramatically decrease. Even if the tire looks like it has plenty of life left, do yourself a favor…

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Panic Stopping: How Much Tread Depth Do You Need? (03:42)

…Google+Twitter Share Tires are usually considered legally worn out when they reach 2/32" of remaining tread depth. Concerned that nearly worn out tires sacrifice too much wet traction, we compared the stopping distances of new tires to those with 4/32" and 2/32" tread depth. The Tire Rack's test results…

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Tire Tech Information - Dangers of Mixing Tire Tread Depths

…of Mixing Tire Tread Depths Lea esta pgina en espaol When Buying a Pair of Tires Its best to replace all of a vehicles tires at the same time. Having the same tread design and tread depth promotes balanced traction and handling. However if only a pair of tires is replaced, the two new tires are to be…

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Tire Test Results : What Honest Abe Doesn't Tell You About Minimum Tread Depths

…wet road braking performance of tires with legal minimum tread depths that could only produce potentially lethal stopping distances! Testing the Premise Members of Tire Rack team conducted independent tests that compared the stopping distances of new tires to tires at the point of approaching being…

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…winter / snow tires no longer appropriate for the next season? Check your tires' tread depths. When a winter / snow tire has worn to about 6/32", its ability to provide beneficial snow traction will start to diminish. While still legal at 2/32", a winter / snow tire has worn well past the depth where it provides…

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Tire Tech Information - Matching Tires on Four-Wheel Drive and All-Wheel Drive Vehicles

…designs, tires made by different manufacturers, different inflation pressures or even tires worn to different tread depths. As an example of different tire diameters resulting from tires worn to different tread depths, we'll compare two 225/45R17-sized tires, a new tire with its original tread depth of 10…

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Tire Shaving Available at Tire Rack

…shaved new tire will provide more traction than a tire worn to the exact same tread depth after being driven for thousands of miles on the road. Tire shaving is an effective means of permitting more of a tire's performance capability to be realized early in its life. In many cases, shaved tires used in…

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Need to measure your tread depth? Use a coin!

It's a good idea to keep track of your tires' tread depth because it indicates how much life is left in the tires. Gauges are certainly the best option for doing so, but they're not always handy. At Tire Rack, we offer the DillĀ® Digital Tread Depth Gauge in our inventory of accessories. (Bonus! You…

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TireRack.com - About - Tech Center

…Markings Original Equipment (OE) Tires Original Equipment Tire Designations P-Metric and Euro-Metric Tire Sizing Plus Size Wheels and Tires Porsche N-Specification Tire Approvals Rubber Cracking Selecting the Right Tires Shaving Tire Treads to Maintain Equivalent Tread Depths for Four-Wheel Drive and All…

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What Your Change is Telling You About Tread Depth

…will start to be noticeably less than compared to a new tire. Since water can't be compressed like light snow, you need enough tread depth to allow rain to escape through the tire's grooves. If the water can't escape fast enough, your vehicle's tires will be forced to hydroplane (float) on top of the…

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Related Categories: Original Tread Depth | Tire Wear Chart | Penny Test | Tread Depth Chart | Tire Depth Chart | Tread Depth | When To Change Tires | Top Rated All Terrain Truck Tires | Winter Tire Tread Depth | Lincoln Penny Tire Test
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