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Tire Test Results : Testing New Standard Touring All-Season Tires

…very well controlled. The BFGoodrich Premier Touring and Firestone Precision Touring rounded out the group, both displaying similar ride qualities that were good, but not quite as refined as the Yokohama or General tires. When it came to noise levels, the AVID TOURING-S treated our drivers to a surprisingly…

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Tire Tech Information - Mounting and Balancing

…other primary cause of vibrations is that the tire and wheel assembly isn't perfectly round. Face it, if we go out far enough past the decimal point, nothing is perfectly round. This includes your wheels and tires. The problem is when the high spot on the tire, and the high spot on the wheel end up being…

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Tire Test Results : Testing the New Michelin Pilot Sport A/S Plus

tire for drivers who don't emphasize wet traction * Latest Test Rank: 4th (August 2008) * Previous Test Rank: 4th (January 2008), 1st (September 2007) 1st (June 2004), 1st (June 2003) Vehicles used: 2008 BMW E92 328i Coupe By now, most driving enthusiasts know that tires are more than just round and…

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(PDF Document: vibechart.pdf)

Tires) YeS No YeS NoYeSNo YeS No YeS Did the vibration start immediately when the tires were installed? Any out-of-round tires must be replaced. remove old wheel weights and rebalance. rotate tires front to rear on one side of vehicle. rotate tires front to rear on one side of vehicle. recheck tire

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Tire Tech Information - Flat-Spotted Tires (Due to Parking/Storage)

…surface as the tires cool. This is what generates flat spots. And until the tires warm up again, the flat spot on each tire can cause a ride disturbance that will be felt for the first few miles the next time the vehicle is driven. Flat-spotting can be temporary (the tire will round out as driving warms…

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Yokohama AVID S34D 205/50-17 Tire

Yokohama AVID S34D 205/50-17 Tire

…and year-round traction, even in light snow. While Original Equipment All-Season tires are often repurchased as direct replacements for pairs and sets of worn out Original Equipment tires, they can also be used on other vehicles in axle pairs or sets of four if they match the needed tire size, load…

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Tire Test Results : Testing Passenger and Standard Touring All-Season Tires: Which Are Truly More Than Just Round and Black?

…to the idea that tires in these categories should be more than just basic round and black, Continental's latest Standard Touring All-Season tire, the TrueContact, is designed to provide fuel efficiency along with long treadlife and good traction, particularly in the wet. To find out how well the TrueContact…

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Tire Test Results : When Round and Black Becomes Lean and Green

Tire Test Results When Round and Black Becomes Lean and Green * Test Report * Test Result Charts * Spider Charts * Test Result Video August 12, 2009 Additional Information: Understanding Corporate Average Fuel Economy Defining Rolling Resistance Changes to Expect When Switching from Worn-Out to New Tires

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Tire Tech Information - Tire & Wheel Package Ride Uniformity Confirmation

…force against the wheel and tire assembly to measure their combined uniformity. This simulated road force test helps verify if the assembly is "round" when rolling under load. The GSP9700 Vibration Control System can also measure lateral and radial rim runout (out of roundness or side-to-side movement)…

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Tire Test Results : Function Meets Fashion in High Performance All-Season Tires

…the tire. Rounding out the group was the Bridgestone, which displayed good steering response but lacked the overall wet traction of the other tires. Product Details Bridgestone Potenza G 019 Grid (High Performance All-Season): The Potenza G 019 Grid is Bridgestone's High Performance All-Season tire developed…

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Save Gas with Tires? Yes, Round and Black Goes Lean and Green!

…resistance fuel efficient tires Even if you do not own a hybrid you are not excluded from using a low rolling resistance tire. As you look through the low rolling resistance tires you will see there are new sizes added to fit many modern sedans and passenger vehicles. Check out the Fuel Economy Results…

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Tire Test Results : Testing Ultra High Performance All-Season Tires: Single-Focus Specialists or Well-Rounded Athletes?

…trailed the Continental tire somewhat, feeling a bit edgy at breakaway, but displaying reasonably quick recovery once a slip or slide occurred. Rounding out the group was the Ventus S1 noble2, where it just didn't have the ultimate traction to match the grip of the other three tires. Driving in Winter Conditions…
Related Categories: Wheel Torque Chart | Out Of Round | Lowest Road Noise | Out Of Round Wheel | Wheel Vibration | Tire Runout | Vibration | Standard Vs Grand Touring | All Season 205 55r16 | Flat Spot Tires
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