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Tire Tech Information - Sidewall Indentations, Undulations and Protrusions

…Use Sidewall Indentations, Undulations and Protrusions Lea esta pgina en espaol Sidewall indentations/Undulations A common byproduct of radial tire construction, sidewall indentations/undulations are more noticeable in tires with taller sidewalls or operate at higher inflation pressures. Fortunately…

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Tire Tech Information - Construction Materials

…the rubber.A typical tire's basic construction materials are usually presented as follows: TREAD 2 POLYESTER + 2 STEEL + 1 NYLON SIDEWALL 2 POLYESTER The branding in this example identifies that molded into the rubber under the centerline of the tread lies two radial body plies of polyester cord, two…

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Good...Better...Best, the Eibach Pro-Kit Ride & Drive

…single ultra-tensile steel radial carcass ply (which replaces the traditional fabric plies used in other performance tires). The ultra-tensile steel carcass helps the tire resist cuts and bruises while it enhances handling and improves treadwear. The Eagle F1 Steel radial's tread is further supported…

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Hit the Trail

construction and allow higher inflation pressures to provide the load capacity necessary to match many trailer applications and payloads. Their stiffer sidewalls help control sway for enhanced towing stability and they offer more bruise resistance than typical passenger tires. The Marathon Radial is…

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Replacement Trailer Tires

Replacement Trailer Tires

…road is achieved through the solid center rib and symmetric tread design. Goodyear Marathon Radial Power King Towmax STR Both the Goodyear Marathon Radial and Power King Towmax STR are radial construction. We don't offer bias ply lines. Additionally, Tire Rack only offers modern tire sizing in the…

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Tire Tech Information - Match Mounting to Enhance Tire & Wheel Uniformity

…Tech Information/General Tire Information Additional Tire Tech Articles Alignment Breaking In Your Tires Calculating Approximate Tire Dimensions Construction Materials Contact Patch Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) DOT Tire Identification Number (TIN) Dangers of Mixing Tire Tread Depths Determining…

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What's the Best Mud-Terrain Tire for Your Vehicle?

What's the Best Mud-Terrain Tire for Your Vehicle?

…components that include aggressive sidewall lugs, cut- and chip-resistant sidewall compounds and BFGoodrich's TriGard carcass (three-ply polyester construction) with sidewall cords that are up to 33 percent stronger than the previous Mud-Terrain T/A KM tire. BFGoodrich's Mud-Terrain T/A KM2 tires are branded…

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Wheel Tech - Tire & Wheel Package Ride Quality Confirmation

…Confirmation Tire/Rim Protectors Torquing Wheel-Attaching Hardware Using Alloy Wheels on the Track What is Quality? What is an Alloy Wheel? Wheel Construction Wheel Cover Installation Instructions Why Shop for Wheels by First Selecting a Vehicle? Tire & Wheel Package Ride Quality Confirmation Lea esta…

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Goodyear Marathon Radial vs. Power King Towmax STR Trailer Tires

Goodyear Marathon Radial vs. Power King Towmax STR Trailer Tires

…Marathon Radial trailer tire. For information on this Trailer Service tire, read my previous blog post, "Trailer Tires are Available at Tire Rack." We now offer a few more tires in this performance category, including our newest option, the Power King Towmax STR. Like the Goodyear Marathon Radial, the Towmax…

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Keep Cruising in Your Toyota FJ Cruiser

Keep Cruising in Your Toyota FJ Cruiser

…E 10-ply rated tire has heavier construction that allows it to carry more weight than a standard load tire. Your FJ Cruiser doesn't need a load range E 10-ply rated radial as each standard load O.E. tire carries 2,535 lbs. The downside to this heavier construction is additional rotational weight negatively…

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FAQ - Mud-Terrain Tires

FAQ - Mud-Terrain Tires

…patterns designed for off-road use in deep mud, rocks and uneven terrain. These tires are often produced in large sizes with reinforced heavy-duty construction. They fall into the Off-Road Maximum Traction category in our customer survey data. What kind of drivers use mud-terrain tires? Drivers who purchase…

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What are the Best Tire Brands?

What are the Best Tire Brands?

…excel in their niches. Even though Michelin was the first tire company to commercialize the radial tire back in 1948, all major tire manufacturers have the same core technology, such as radial ply construction, steel belts, etc. They often use the same or similar materials with some noteworthy exceptions…

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