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Best Tires for Rain

Best Tires for Rain

…the rain can be a nerve-wracking experience without the right tires. A tire with superior wet weather traction can be a big safety benefit for drivers who need to travel at speed in wet conditions. I often hear customers say, "It rains a lot where I live, so I need to have an all-season tire." While…

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Best Wet Traction Tires for Wet Roads

…Will a new set of tires with great wet grip and treadwear improve your confidence when driving in the rain? Definitely! If you're slipping and sliding in the rain and looking for tires with outstanding wet traction, then refer to this list of some of my top picks in various tire categories : Grand Touring…

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Best performance all-season tire in the RAIN!

…afternoon 1/2-hour downpour? Then looking at the rain traction of your tire is very important! In early June I had the opportunity to drive on four High Performance All-Season tires and critique the wet traction. What I found was surprising! The four tires tested were the Michelin Pilot Exalto A/S, the…

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Blame it on the Rain

Driving in the rain is rarely an enjoyable experience for anyone. Nonetheless, many drivers underestimate the dangers of hydroplaning. Tread depth is a key contributor to a tire's ability to reduce hydroplaning and increase safety. Ensuring your tires have proper tread depth can greatly reduce your…

Winter Tech - Winter Tire FAQs

Tire Rack * LOG IN * ORDER TRACKING * MY ACCOUNT * WISH LIST * CART ( 0 Items ) 1-888-541-1777 * Please enter search term here. * * Enter Upgrade Garage * View Saved Vehicles * View Photo Gallery * * Tires * Shop by Vehicle * Shop by Size * Brands * Winter / Snow Tires * Tire Tech * Test Results * Survey…

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Best On-/Off-Road All-Terrain Tires in Snow

Best On-/Off-Road All-Terrain Tires in Snow

tires on snow- and ice-covered roads. The downside is that winter tires aren't designed for year-round use, therefore an additional set of tires is needed. In light of this, some light truck and SUV drivers choose to compromise and use one set of tires all 12 months of the year. Many will choose a tire

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A Few of Tire Rack's Best On-/Off-Road All-Terrain Tires

A Few of Tire Rack's Best On-/Off-Road All-Terrain Tires

…Michigan weather. This tire has been extremely quiet and it's just aggressive enough to satisfy the casual sportsman. These were great for driving to and from work. Then when things turned rough late in season, these tires glued me to the road, displaying incredible traction in rain, snow and ice. I just…

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Tire Tech Information - When Should I Replace My Tires?

…determining when it's time to get new tires. It's based on the premise you're driving on legal tread depths anytime the top of Lincoln's head is obscured by the tread and that a tire's ability to grip the road isn't greatly reduced in adverse conditions (rain, slush and snow) until the tread wears to…

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Michelin Pilot tires easily become Lexus tires.

…home run with these performance asymmetrical tires. My Pilot PS2s rip. Quiet as you could ever hope! Fantastic tire in the rain. Tire at speed is rock solid! Buy these tires. They will impress you." — Tire Rack Consumer Review, Lexus GS400, CA "These tires stick like glue! The braking performance is…

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Tire Test Results : Testing the Goodyear Assurance TripleTred All-Season

…choices based on the tire's performance category, drawing a simple distinction between Passenger All-Season and Standard or Grand Touring All-Season tires. Traditionally, speed ratings were used as one of the key differentiators between these categories, with the level of tire technology and overall…

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Winter / Snow Tires

…optional winter tire studs to enhance traction on ice. These tires feature traditional winter tire compounds and tread designs that provide good traction in snow. They are also molded to accept optional metal studs that are especially helpful when driving in climates where freezing rain, sleet and wet…

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Tire Tech Information - Measuring Tire Tread Depth with a Coin

…designed to visually connect the elements of the tire's tread pattern and warn drivers when their tires no longer meet minimum tread depth requirements. Common Sense However, as a tire wears it's important to realize that the tire's ability to perform in rain and snow will be reduced. With 2/32" of remaining…

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Related Categories: Best Tires In Rain | Performance Rain | Racing Rain Tires | Best Rain Tire | Best Wet Weather Tires | Summer Tires In Rain | Best Wet Traction | Suv Rain Tires | Best Wet Traction Tires | Best All Season Tires In Rain
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