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Sidewall Bubble
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  • What Does a Bubble in the Sidewall Mean?
  • sidewall is a major safety concern that needs to be addressed immediately. A bubble in the sidewall of the tire indicates that the inner liner has been damaged to the point that it's allowing air to escape. Also, only the thin (nylon or polyester) sidewall plies are keeping the tire from a blowout. Bubbles

  • What Causes Tire Bubbles?
  • …curbs or other road hazards. Any one of these scenarios can cause a sidewall bubble. Typically, incomplete bonding caused by contamination during assembly will appear within the first six months of service. These types of bubbles are small in size and usually appear before the tire's strength is significantly…

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  • Is There a Bubble on Your Tire?
  • …their tires, like sidewall bubbles. If you can see a round bulging area protruding on the sidewall of the tire, this is often referred to as a bubble. The bubble is appearing because air from inside the tire is leaking into the carcass and sidewall plys of the tire. Most bubbles are caused by impact…

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  • Bubbles are for gum not tires
  • …curbs. When a bubble appears on the sidewall of your tire, you can be pretty sure that an impact occurred and the tire’s inner liner has been pinched. When the liner has been pinched, a pinhole appears that allows air to escape to the outside and for a bubble to form. Once a bubble appears, tire safety…

  • Replacement tires: When is it time?
  • …wouldn't wait that long to replace tires. • If you cut or puncture the sidewall, or drove on a flat tire (or one with very low inflation)—you've probably damaged the tire beyond repair. It's probably time. • Never ignore a bubble, blister, bulge, large cut or cracks. Replacement tires are a must! These…

  • The Tire Sidewall: What You Need to Know.
  • sidewall will tell you everything: the brand, model, basic dimensions. You can even figure out your tire's birthday. The following illustration shows the information that can be found on most tire sidewalls: Aside from the fact that it offers a variety of key facts, it's important to keep that tire sidewall

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