Sidewall Damage

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Sidewall Damage
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  • Is your tire cracking?

  • …"weather checking" or "weather cracking," maybe even "ozone cracking," it's cracking just the same. Most often you'll notice the damage along the sidewalls, and if the damage goes deep below the surface—odds are good it just might be time for a new tire. And typically, cracking only occurs later in the…

  • Is There a Bubble on Your Tire?

  • …impact damage from road conditions. When a tire hits a pothole or a sharp object on the road, the force from the weight of the vehicle is focused on a relatively small area of contact. This compresses the tire enough that the inside of the tire's sidewall can be pinched and damaged. This damage to the…

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  • Review of: Goodyear Eagle RS-A EMT

  • Experienced premature tread separation from sidewall. This is a known and very well documented issue with these tires, often leading to substantial vehicle damage and vehicle crashes. Please do some research before purchasing as you will find countless examples of this premature failure and many complaints…

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  • Replacement tires: When is it time?

  • …" is the legal minimum but we wouldn't wait that long to replace tires. • If you cut or puncture the sidewall, or drove on a flat tire (or one with very low inflation)—you've probably damaged the tire beyond repair. It's probably time. • Never ignore a bubble, blister, bulge, large cut or cracks…

  • Tire Tech Information - Tire Replacement

  • …with very low inflation pressure. * Tires cut or punctured in the shoulder or sidewall areas, as well as any tires driven on while flat or with very low inflation pressure even for short periods of time are often damaged beyond repair and should be replaced. Driving on a tire while flat or with very…


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