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What Does a Bubble in the Sidewall Mean?

What Does a Bubble in the Sidewall Mean?

sidewall plies are keeping the tire from a blowout. Bubbles or bulges in the sidewall are normally the result of the tire's inner liner being damaged from an impact that creates a small hole or tear and compromises the strength of the sidewall plies. In most cases, the impact that caused the damage

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Tire Tech Information - Sidewall Separations / Bubbles

damaged in service due to use while overloaded/underinflated, or by impact with potholes, curbs or other road hazards that pinch the tire between the rim and the road, or simply stretch the rubber beyond the elastic limit of the underlying cords and wires. Past experience indicates that a sidewall

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Pothole Season Again, Tips to Replacing Damaged Tires and Wheels

…dangerous and can do serious damage to any vehicle. Potholes are something we have to live with, at least in the northern states. I have spoke with more people lately needing to get one replacement tire as a result of pothole damage. A few tips to use when dealing with pothole damage on replacement wheels and…

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Replacement tires: When is it time?

…" is the legal minimum but we wouldn't wait that long to replace tires. • If you cut or puncture the sidewall, or drove on a flat tire (or one with very low inflation)—you've probably damaged the tire beyond repair. It's probably time. • Never ignore a bubble, blister, bulge, large cut or cracks…

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Proper Way To Repair a Tire

Proper Way To Repair a Tire

…nails and screws. Even though damage may be small, the steel belts now exposed to outside elements can be compromised if not addressed promptly. Repairing larger punctures and punctures to the tire's shoulder and sidewall area are not recommended. Evaluating the damage the object caused to the tire,…

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Tire Tech Information - Tire Replacement

…with very low inflation pressure. * Tires cut or punctured in the shoulder or sidewall areas, as well as any tires driven on while flat or with very low inflation pressure even for short periods of time are often damaged beyond repair and should be replaced. Driving on a tire while flat or with very…

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Is your tire cracking?

…"weather checking" or "weather cracking," maybe even "ozone cracking," it's cracking just the same. Most often you'll notice the damage along the sidewalls, and if the damage goes deep below the surface—odds are good it just might be time for a new tire. And typically, cracking only occurs later in the…

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How do I store my tires?

…the chances an object will be sitting under the sidewall, wearing at its integrity. Remember, gravity never stops pulling. Also, make sure the desgignated area is free of petroleum products such as gas and oil, as petroleum products can cause damage to the tire's rubber. 2. NO SUN! Keep your tires out…

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Do your tires have rim protectors?

…if your tires have rim protectors, you might be able to avoid accidental damage. How can you tell if a tire has a rim protector? Generally speaking, you'll want to look for thicker rubber molded at key locations on the sidewall. Standard tires don't typically feature a rim protector, as shown at right…

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The Truth About Warranties

…tire may be covered is to look at the below disqualifying conditions: * Puncture * Injuries to the sidewall or tread that do not penetrate the carcass * Running a tire underinflated or flat * Impact damage * Shoulder wear that's commonly caused by underinflation, hard cornering or alignment issues * Uneven…

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Tire Tech Information - Flat Tire Repairs - Past the Point of No Return

sidewalls, but external inspection is not enough. Any repairs without removing the damaged tire from the wheel are improper because inspecting the inside of the tire for hidden damage greatly reduces the risk of returning a weakened tire to service. Without dismounting the tire, any hidden damage would…

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Tire Tech Information - Driving Through Tire Blowouts

…Right Tires Shaving Tire Treads to Maintain Equivalent Tread Depths for Four-Wheel Drive & All-Wheel Drive Vehicles Sidewall Indentations, Undulations & Protrusions Sidewall Markings Sidewall Separations / Bubbles Spare Tire Extinction? Spare Tire Use Spare Tires - Driving on Temporary / Compact Spares Speedometer…

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Related Categories: Cut Sidewall | Replacing One Tire | Pothole | Sidewall Bubble | Sidewall Bulge | Impact Bubble | Tire Bruise | Sidewall Crack | Separation | Tire Bulge
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