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Super Tire: Michelin Pilot Super Sport

tires are flexible, the contact patch is different when the vehicle is in motion from when it is static. What I liked best about the tire was the crisp steering response, its wet and dry grip and great on-center feel. These factors were very evident as I was coaching young drivers during the Tire Rack…

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Tire Tech Information - Getting More Out of Competition Tires

…and inspect your tires for damage and wear. If possible, let them cool while they are off the ground Your tire's tread temperatures as read by a pyrometer will "never" be even across your tire's tread (Unless you have just completed a successful tuning session on a skid pad.) Tire pressure increases…

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Winter Tech - Winter Driving Tips

…there are several things you should NOT do. Don't increase your steering angle, because the tires have already lost grip and increasing the steering will only make it worse. Don't hit the brakes because the front tires are already skidding, and more brake pressure will only make it worse. So, what can…

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Winter tires with all-seasons mismatched. Is it safe?

skid pad and lift off. I would say there was about 50/50 chance of complete loss of control with the oversteer. What I found was that it wasn't a problem with grip, the winter tire did just fine when it was on a car with all four winter / snow tires. The problem was the difference in how the tire reacted…

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Surviving Winter 2014: Snow Driving Tips from Tire Rack

…the skid. Once the vehicle stops skidding, straighten out the wheel to complete your turn. This is easier said than done as we saw in the video. Of course, having the right tires means you're less likely to be skidding in the first place. Make sure you have optimal dedicated winter / snow tires or all…

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Winter Tech - Air Pressure vs. Dry Performance

tire pressure on the tire's performance at its limit. While the drivers thought that the properly inflated tires provided responsiveness and predictable handling, they quickly realized that the same tires in an under-inflated state left a lot to be desired. The under-inflated tires required more steering

Tried and True Michelin LTX M/S Gets the Job Done!

…Carolina's so he is always pulling heavy loads of paver bricks or a skid steer-er or some times both. The tire of choice for his business has been the Michelin LTX M/S for a few years now with great success on his 4X4 3/4 ton truck. These tires see about the worst of conditions, its hot down in the Carolina's…

Two new tires -- on the front or rear?

…contact patches on the front tires and decreasing the contact patch on the rear tires. There really isn't a good way to handle it. Steering through it while keeping the throttle constant is about the only way to have a chance at saving it. I had the opportunity to drive a skid car at the Mid-Ohio Driving…

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Installing Suspension Upgrades — When Fashion and Function Work Together

Tire Rack * LOG IN * ORDER TRACKING * MY ACCOUNT * WISH LIST * CART ( 0 Items ) 1-888-541-1777 * Please enter search term here. * * Enter Upgrade Garage * View Saved Vehicles * View Photo Gallery * * Tires * Shop by Vehicle * Shop by Size * Brands * Winter / Snow Tires * Tire Tech * Test Results * Survey…

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What to do in the winter if you start to drift?

…continue to slide and eventually spin. Option 3: Steer into it and slowly decrease throttle. Remember the movie cars when Doc is trying to teach Lightning how to drift in the dirt? That was pretty accurate; you have to control the slide by steering into it and holding on. (I have three boys ages 3-7…

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Tire Tech Information - Why Electronic Drivers Aids and AWD/4WD Systems Aren't Enough (Winter)

…cornering capabilities to the traction provided by your tires. Anti-lock braking systems help prevent locking your tires and skidding by selectively releasing pressure and pumping the brakes. So while your anti-lock brake system helps maintain steering control and directional stability, your stopping distances…

Tire Tech Information - Why Electronic Drivers' Aids and AWD/4WD Systems Aren't Enough (All-Season)

…conditions and the driver's input will potentially cause the vehicle to exceed the tire's ability to provide traction. Tires maximize the effectiveness of these systems. Here's how: * Anti-lock braking systems help prevent skidding during panic stops by monitoring how fast the wheels are rolling and selectively…

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Related Categories: Best Wet Traction | Best Quiet Tires | Best Ride Comfort | Best Tires In Rain | Best V Rated Tire | Best Wet Weather Tires | Treadware | Most Comfortable Tires | Best Rated Tire
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