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Best Tires for Rain

Best Tires for Rain

Traveling in the rain can be a nerve-wracking experience without the right tires. A tire with superior wet weather traction can be a big safety benefit for drivers who need to travel at speed in wet conditions. I often hear customers say, "It rains a lot where I live, so I need to have an all-season tire." While…

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Summer vs. All-Season tires

summer or all-season tires. A summer tire, like the Bridgestone RE760 Sport, will perform better in dry road cornering and braking than an all-season tire. Summer tires also perform well in the rain; wet traction isn’t an exclusive all-season characteristic. Because it rains in summer, summer tires

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BFGoodrich g-Force Sport 255/35-20 XL Tire

BFGoodrich g-Force Sport 255/35-20 XL Tire

…Ultra High Performance Summer tire developed for the drivers of sport compact sedans and coupes looking to combine good looks, dry handling and affordable prices. The g-Force Sport is designed to provide traction in dry and wet conditions, however it is notintended to be driven in near freezing temperatures…

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Winter / Snow Tires for Winter's Worst Conditions

Winter / Snow Tires for Winter's Worst Conditions

…freezing rain and snowfall hit. By Monday morning we had a few inches of slush and snow sitting on a layer of ice. I tried to get these tires to slide in a corner and couldn't. I tried slamming on the brakes to engage ABS, and instead the car just stopped. It was like driving with my summer tires on sticky…

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What to know about selecting tires

…the appropriate tire width that ensures adequate load capacity. Maintaining the tire's overall diameter helps maintain accurate speed data going into the computer. Do I need summer tires, winter / snow tires, all-season tires? Do you drive your car only in sunshine, or also through rain and snow? Do you…

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Winter / Snow Tires

…optional winter tire studs to enhance traction on ice. These tires feature traditional winter tire compounds and tread designs that provide good traction in snow. They are also molded to accept optional metal studs that are especially helpful when driving in climates where freezing rain, sleet and wet…

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Summer Road Trip? Use This Maintenance Checklist.

Summer Road Trip? Use This Maintenance Checklist.

…resistance and tire life. Make sure all four tires are inflated to the vehicle's specifications found in your owner's manual or on the door placard. Don't forget to check your spare tire, too. Also, be sure to have an air gauge in your car so you can check your tire's pressure while traveling. * Tire Pressure…

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Switching Winter Tires to Summer/All-Season Tires

…fall in feet per day rather than inches. I never had any trouble getting around or in the spring rains and summer driving trips. My all-season tires handle the wet conditions well, ride quietly and smoothly down the road. Both tires work well in the intended road conditions. Switching summer to winter…

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205/50-16 Tires for Your Honda Fit Sport

205/50-16 Tires for Your Honda Fit Sport

…variables that need to be considered when choosing the proper tire: balance, longevity, the tire's grip, steering response, tread noise and ride compliance are just a few. We also have to assess how the tire performs in the rain, snow or in dry conditions based on the climate where you reside. Finally…

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(PDF Document: Michelin_Care_and_Feeding.pdf)

…environment) as well as in tire wear. Keep in mind that the improvement is not always obvious. SHAvING michelin Pilot sport cup tires are manufactured with 6/32" center tread depth. michelin testing shows that a shaved tire at 3.5/32" offers slightly more dry grip from the start of the tire's competition life…

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Tire Test Results : Testing Extreme Performance Summer Tires: How Well Can They Handle the Extreme?

…Hankook tire, but from behind the wheel it didn't have the forgiving nature or precise feel of the other tires. Wet performance is not the top priority for Extreme Performance Summer tires, but it can be a tiebreaker if wet roads or running a track event or autocross is a possibility rain or shine.…

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Tire Tech Information - Where to Install New Pairs of Tires?

…Approximate Tire Dimensions Construction Materials Contact Patch Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) DOT Tire Identification Number (TIN) Dangers of Mixing Tire Tread Depths Determining the Age of a Tire Diagnosing Tire Pull Diagonal Tread Wear / Tread Scuffing Don't Drive Summer Performance Tires in Cold…

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Related Categories: Summer Vs All Season | Best Rain Tire | All Season Tires Vs Summer Tires | Best Wet Weather Tires | Best Wet Traction | Best Wet Traction Tires | Rain Tires | Best Tires In Rain | All-season Mixing | 255 35 20 Tires
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