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Tire Tech Information - Storing Tires
Tire Totes are not airtight nor designed to prevent exposure to the atmosphere. The recommended solution would be to place each clean tire and wheel into the airtight plastic bag and then cover the sealed bag with a Tire Tote. If you choose not to store white letter/white stripe tires in plastic bags,…

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Easy Storage Solutions for Snow Tires and Rims
…the Tire Garage, they'll be out of site and out of mind until the snow falls again. The Seasonal Tire Tote is another tire storage option. They're especially great for transporting competition tires, but will protect your snow wheels and tires just the same. To create a fully enclosed tire bag, you'll…

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Tire totes - solutions for transporting and storing wheels and tires
…strap which makes them perfect to handle/transport tires to and from the race track. They will also protect your clothing or the inside of the vehicle from dirt and brake residue. Wheel felts come in very handy too, to create a fully enclosed tire bag to protect the face of the wheel. The totes also can…

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Storing Your Tires the Right Way!
…daily at Tire Rack aand we have several helpful tips and products to help extend the life of your tires! * Before storing, clean each tire with soap and water and let them air dry thoroughly.* Do not apply tire dressings.* Place your tires in an opaque plastic lawn, garden or garbage type bag. Close tightly…

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Just Say No to Tire Cracking
…fighting chance and cover the tires if they are going to be stored outside for an extended period of time. If you have separate snow tires, try and find a spot in the house where the temperature and humidity don't fluctuate. Some people go as far as bagging each tire in the off-season to help keep those…

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Tire Storage
With your winter tires properly installed on your vehicle, where have you been storing your summer tires? Spring will be here before we know it; what are you going to do with those winter tires? Storing tires in an airtight bag and away from direct sunlight are just a couple of simple steps that should…

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Proper Storage Techniques for Your Tires and Wheels
Proper Storage Techniques for Your Tires and Wheels
…cleaner to draw out as much as possible). Close the bag tightly and tape it shut. This places the tire in its own personal mini-atmosphere to help reduce oil evaporation. * If you choose not to store white letter/white stripe tires in plastic bags, it's important they be stored or stacked white-to-white…
Eco-Friendly Yokohama Tires
…over others. For example, paper versus plastic bags. And hybrid vehicles. And most recently, eco-friendly tires. Tire Rack stocks a number of eco-friendly tires from some of your favorite tire brands. One of which was recently in the news. Yokohama Tire constructed a "living wall" next to the first tee…

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Bridgestone Snow Tires Not Just for Cars
…drivers of pickups and SUVs, the tire's focus is on ice traction and braking, as well as wet road handling and hydroplaning resistance to provide wintertime driving competence. Sand bags for rear traction can only get you so far, so take a look at this winter / snow tire that features larger tread blocks…
Tire Test Results : Michelin Pilot Super Sport Introductory Track Drive
Tire Rack * LOG IN * ORDER TRACKING * MY ACCOUNT * WISH LIST * ESPAOL * CART ( 0 Items ) 1-888-541-1777 * Please enter search term here. * * Enter Upgrade Garage * View Saved Vehicles * View Photo Gallery * * Tires * Shop by Vehicle * Shop by Size * Brands * Winter / Snow Tires * Tire Tech * Test Results…

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Project STR Roars Back To Life
…Grassroots Motorsports headquarters, Project STR finally saw some action this weekend at the Tire Rack SCCA Dixie National Tour in Cecil, Georgia. Tire Rack drivers Chris Harvey and John Rogers packed their bags and headed for Georgia to compete against 27 other drivers in the burgeoning STR class, which…

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Get shorty ... or not
…acceleration out of the a corner when at a local autocross shorter tires are not the best option in most cases. Bagged and need to "put it in the weeds" again shorter tire may not be the best answer. Your hopping hydraulics do not need a shorter tire to operate properly either. These three completely different…

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Search Suggestions: Tire Tote | Tire Storage | Wheel Bag | How Long Can Tires Be Stored | Tire Covers | Tire Dressing | Bag | Ozone Cracking | Dressing | Summer Tires In Cold Weather
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