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Tire Stretching
…mounting a tire with a rim width range between 6" and 8" on a 9" wide wheel. The tire barely sits on the bead seat and creates a gap between the sidewall and rim. Tire manufacturers put time and money into research and development to design tires at the proper size. Stretching the tire can lead to belt…

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How do I store my tires?
…damage to the tire's rubber. 2. NO SUN! Keep your tires out of the sun. You should cover the tires and keep them in a shaded area. The sunlight can dry tires out prematurely, causing cracking and aggressive aging. 3. CLIMATE CONTROL! Even though the garage is acceptable for storing your tires, it would be…

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Sport-Tek® Sport-Wick Stretch Half-Zip Pullover (Men's), Black
Sport-Tek® Sport-Wick Stretch Half-Zip Pullover (Men's), Black
Sport-TekĀ® Sport-Wick Stretch Half-Zip Pullover (Men's), Black
Tire Test Results : When Round and Black Becomes Lean and Green
…compressed or stretched. Tires resist rolling primarily because their sidewalls and treads continuously bend and stretch as they transition from their loaded (where the weight of the vehicle causes the sidewalls to bulge as the tread footprint flattens against the road) to unloaded profiles. Tire rolling resistance…

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Competition Tires: The How and Why of Heat Cycling and Tire Shaving
Competition Tires: The How and Why of Heat Cycling and Tire Shaving
…cycling and tire shaving. The first time a competition tire is used is the most important. During that run, its tread compound is stretched, some of the weaker bonds between the rubber molecules will be broken, which generates some of the heat. So before putting your competition tires into action, take…

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Tire & Wheel Package Installation
tires, the first step before installing them is to match each tire and wheel to its final position on your vehicle. To prevent mistakes, actually set each wheel and tire around your vehicle just as race teams do for pit stops. 1 DIRECTIONAL TIRES ONLY Refer to the "rotation arrow" branding on the tire's

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Tire Tech Information - Competition Tire Heat Cycling Service
…broken in. The first time Track & Competition DOT tires go into service is very important. All tires deflect under load and their tread rubber compounds repeatedly stretch and relax as they roll into and out of contact with the road. This stretching breaks some of the weaker bonds between the tread rubber…

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Tire Tech Information - Tire Specs Explained: Revolutions Per Mile
…previous test experience. Tire revolutions per mile cannot be calculated by simple math because the tire tread and sidewall bend and stretch (deflect) when the load of the vehicle presses the tire against the road. Since the resulting loaded or rolling radius is less than half the tires published overall diameter…

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Tire Tech Information - Tire Rolling Resistance Part 2: Defining Rolling Resistance
…has to overcome to transport passengers and cargo to their destinations. Tire rolling resistance is caused by the natural viscoelastic properties of rubber along with the tires internal components constantly bending, stretching and recovering as they cycle between their loaded (where the tread footprint…

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Tire Tech Information - Sidewall Separations/Bubbles
…pgina en espaol Pneumatic tires are made of specialized rubber compounds reinforced by plies of fabric cords and metal wires. While most rubber compounds can be stretched easily, the underlying fabric cords and steel wires actually define the tire's shape by limiting stretching. In order to bond these…

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Tire Tech Information - Tire Specs Explained: Rim Width Range for Track & Competition Use
tire manufacturer. While this practice is most frequently requested to accommodate mounting wide R-compound tires on narrower wheels than recommended by the tire manufacturer, there are also instances where competitors want to squeeze wide Extreme Performance Summer tires on narrow wheels, or stretch

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Tire Tech Information - Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (Direct vs. Indirect)
…without a problem. Too little tire pressure will eventually cause catastrophic tire failure. Tires aren't invincible. They are made of individual layers of fabric and steel encased in rubber. If a tire is allowed to run low on air pressure, the rubber is forced to stretch beyond the elastic limits of…

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Search Suggestions: Stretch | Rim Width Chart | Recommended Rim Width | Belt Separation | Prius Tire Test | Racing Slicks | R-compound | R Compound Tires | Widest Tire For Rim | Prius Mpg
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