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Need to Replace One Tire on Your Subaru? Get a Shaved Tire!
Need to Replace One Tire on Your Subaru? Get a Shaved Tire!
tire down to the desired tread depth to best match the damaged tire(s) wear. This keeps your costs down by replacing one tire instead of all four. Shaved tires will also better match the traction and handling qualities of the remaining worn tires. Before calling in your order, measure the damaged tire's

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Tire Noise: Tips to Keep them Rolling Quietly
…quality. Consideration of tire noise is commonly referred to as tire tuning. If a tire is tuned well, you should experience relatively low tire noise. Generally speaking, directional tires will get louder as they wear than those that are non-directional. Uneven Wear: If a tire wears in an uneven manner, its…

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Why do tires wear on the inside?
…many of the inner tire wear problems together. If you look down the side of your car, you will notice the rear tires are "tipped" in a little bit, this is called negative camber. Negative camber causes both tires to lean on the axle towards the center of the vehicle. All four tires develop an equal and…

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Tire Tech Information - Tread Depth - Why Too Little is Never Enough
…remaining tread depth. U.S. law requires tires to have easy-to-see Tread Wear Indicator bars running from one side of their tread design to the other when the tire's tread has worn down to the minimum legal limit of 2/32 inch. However in spite of the legal minimums, Tire Rack recommends that drivers expecting…

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Tire Tech Information - Alignment
…regardless of age. Incorrect alignment settings will usually result in more rapid tire wear. Therefore, alignment should be checked whenever new tires or suspension components are installed, and any time unusual tire wear patterns appear. Alignment should also be checked after the vehicle has encountered…

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Road Surfaces and Your Tire's Wear
…that their tires wore quicker than they expected. Although the most common reasons for this include improper tire rotation, air pressure and wheel alignment, there is another cause that is less obvious - road surface material. It's also worth noting that these factors can affect your tire's manufacturer…

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Tire Tech Information - Measuring Tire Tread Depth with a Tire Gauge
…around the central circumferential tire groove at lease 15 inches apart and repeat. STEP 8: Place the probe into the inner and outer circumferential grooves and repeat. STEP 9: Average all readings. STEP 10: Identify the percentage of tire wear by confirming the tire's original/new tread depth in its specs…

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What to know about selecting tires
…new tires. Keep in mind that your ultimate goal is that all of your tires always wear out at the same time so they can be replaced as a set. A SET OF TIRES? If all of your tires are wearing out together, you have the greatest flexibility in tire selection. If you were happy with the original tires, simply…

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Tire Tech Information - Tire Rotation Instructions
…Download Now! Tire Service/Maintenance Record (PDF) Tires should be serviced periodically following the rotation patterns provided in the vehicle's owner's manual or as established by the industry. Using tire rotation as a preventative maintenance will equalize front-to-rear and side-to-side wear rates while…

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Tire Tech Information - Air Pressure for Competition Tires
…get even tire wear when using DOT tires you must be very careful not to use too low of a tire pressure. The Hoosier Radials can wear unevenly if underflated and seem to work best at much higher pressures, such as the mid 30s to as high as 50 psi. Underinflation will cause a thin ring of wear at the very…

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Tire Tech Information - Diagnosing Tire Pull
tires are rotated. Because of this, tire manufacturers warranties only cover this condition early in the tire's life. If tire pull first becomes noticeable after many miles of driving on a tire, it is typically due to driving conditions or vehicle misalignment that has caused the tire's tread to wear

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Tire Rack : Wear Sensor
…Loading... Tire Rack * LOG IN * ORDER TRACKING * MY ACCOUNT * WISH LIST * ESPAOL * CART ( 0 Items ) 1-888-541-1777 * Please enter search term here. * * Enter Upgrade Garage * View Saved Vehicles * View Photo Gallery * * Tires * Shop by Vehicle * Shop by Size * Brands * Winter / Snow Tires * Tire Tech * Test…
Search Suggestions: Tire Wear Chart | Tire Wear Gauge | When To Replace | What Causes Cupping | Tread Depth Subaru | Minimum Tread Depth | Tramlining | Oversize Calculator | Tread Wear Indicator | Tread Depth
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