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UTQG Treadwear Numbers: What Do They Mean?

Often, I receive calls about a tire's life and the tire's relationship to its assigned UTQG treadwear indicator. UTQG numbers are assigned to indicate a tires overall level of performance and tread hardness. These numbers beginning at 0 for race products and traveling north of 800 for some of the longest…

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Your Questions About UTQG Ratings Answered

Your Questions About UTQG Ratings Answered

…tire. This is especially true of the treadwear rating. The treadwear number is determined by the tire manufacturer. Each uses their own scale, and they have a surprising amount of leeway when setting the wear number. If the treadwear number is lower, does that mean the tire has more grip? Not necessarily…

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UTQG... Does it Matter to Me?

…(UTQG) is a required marking on the tire sidewall intended to provide a standardized metric that helps consumers purchase tires based on relative treadwear, traction and temperature capabilities. When viewing UTQG ratings, it's important to note that the grades are assigned by the tire manufacturers and…

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Best Tires for a Toyota Sienna

Best Tires for a Toyota Sienna

means it will provide you with optimum fuel economy. If you're looking for a good value option, consider the Yokohama AVID Ascend. This Grand Touring All-Season tire features Yokohama's Orange Oil technology and is branded with their BluEarth eco-friendly identification. It's designed to blend long treadwear,…

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What Does the UTQG Rating Mean?

What Does the UTQG Rating Mean?

…manufacturers or independent testing companies they hire. NHSTA has the right to inspect and can fine manufacturers when inconsistencies are found. The UTQG treadwear grades are based on actual road use in which a test tire is run in a vehicle convey along with standardized course monitoring tires. Vehicles repeatedly…

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Performance catergories. What do they mean?

…tire for you and your car. If you are looking for mild sports car-like performance, look at Ultra High Performance Summer tires. Slightly longer treadwear than the Max Performance tires. No, you cant drive these through the snow or very cold temps. Yes, they work great in the rain. If you are looking…

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UTQG vs Grip

…better grip and longer wear than a previous design or a tire from another brand. Guessing grip from a treadwear number is like guessing horsepower from fuel economy ratings. More of one usually means less of the other, but sometimes technology allows both to improve simultaneously.

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Why is the Same Tire Listed Twice?

Why is the Same Tire Listed Twice?

treadwear rating and weight. The non-Original Equipment Latitude Tour has a 100T service description, while the GM variant Latitude Tour has a 102T service description. A load index of 100 equals 1,764 lbs. of load carry capacity and 102 carries 1,874 lbs. The Original Equipment tire has a treadwear

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Take care of those tires!

…rotate, rotate! Each wheel position poses a different demand on the tires you've installed. Rotating them often assures even and efficient treadwear, which means your tires will last that much longer. The owner's manual in your vehicle should indicate the appropriate rotation pattern. Read more. Keep…

Continental Breakfast

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that each gallon of gas saved also means that 19.4 fewer pounds of CO2 emissions are released into the Earth’s atmosphere, so every gallon of gasoline saved helps reduce fuel costs, and in turn, helps to reduce the nation’s dependence on oil…

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Tire Rack has new tires from great brands!

…minivans and crossovers. It's another one of Tire Rack's affordable new tire options that combines year-round traction with long treadwear. It's also a quieter tire, which means you'll experience greater ride comfort wherever you go. As an Ultra High Performance All-Season tire, the Ventus V4 ES H105 from…

It's time to buy your Goodyear snow tires!

…tire infuses traction with Europe's high-speed winter driving performance (but that doesn't mean you can throw all caution to the wind). Like the Ultra Grip SUV tires above, these also feature the treadwear indicators for added convenience. Eagle Ultra Grip GW3 EMT (Performance Winter): Almost exactly…

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Related Categories: Longest Tread Life | Tread Wear Rating | Treadwear Chart | What Does The Numbers Mean | Treadwear Rating | Treadwear Number | Utqg | Best Treadwear | 700 | Tire Life Expectancy
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