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Hard-to-Find Sizes for Vintage Cars

One thing that you quickly notice when shopping for tires for a vintage car is the small number of choices available. Who makes a modern performance tire for an earlier vehicle requiring 15", 14" or even 13" tire sizes? While there are still several manufacturers that offer a sprinkling of tires in these…

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American Racing Authentic Hot Rod Wheels Available at Tire Rack

…after American Racing was founded, the American car culture and the passion that drives it continues, attracting new generations of hot rodders, vintage enthusiasts, and muscle maniacs. With the same passion that started in that small machine shop in San Francisco fifty years ago, American Racings commitment…

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Vintage VW Tire Size Options

Some of us at Tire Rack have been inflicted with vintage car-itis and I have the rarest strain of this as an air-cooled VW enthusiast. So, it is reasonable to ask, "what tires do you have for my 30 plus-year old Beetle or Karmann Ghia that will fit without modification?" * There are a number of tire…

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255/45R20 Tires on the Front of a Dodge Challenger SRT8

255/45R20 Tires on the Front of a Dodge Challenger SRT8

…the new age American muscle car. A massive HEMI V8 and performance-tuned suspension make the Challenger a top choice among auto buyers looking for vintage-inspired good looks. There are two versions when it comes to the tire packages offered on the Challenger SRT8. Typically, if you're in a region that…

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Sumitomo HTR T4 185/60-14 Tire

Sumitomo HTR T4 185/60-14 Tire

…coupes, sedans, minivansand crossover vehicles, as well as offers many 70-series sizes for the small 13” and 14” rim diameter sizes often used on vintage sports cars, coupes and sedans. The Sumitomo HTR T4 is designed to combine long wear and good comfort with traction on dry and wet roads, as well as…

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You say rim, I say wheel; you say tomato...

…close-up. When you got a flat tire, it was a 'simple' matter of pulling over and switching out the rim and tire assembly. Here's a nice series of vintage photos showing the process: Here's the damaged flat tire on the steel rim. You can make out the dark rim retainers along the edge of the wooden wheel…

Where have all the classic cars gone?

…can't I find more fitments for my muscle car or vintage automobile?" The goal of Tire Rack is to provide products for all vehicle makes and models. However, due to the availability of the "classic" automobile/truck and the desired range of looks from vintage to heavily modified street machines, it is not…

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Tire Rack Motorsports : 2014 One Lap of America

…Pilot Super Sport 1.022 Truck/SUV Aaron Eley 2014 Acura Megan Racing RV6 MDX Dunlop Direzza ZII 0.965 Vintage American Damon Josz 1981 Chevorlet Camaro Z28 Michelin Pilot Super Sport 0.978 Vintage Foreign Chris Porter 1986 Porsche 944 BFGoodrich g-Force Rival 0.971 Alternative Fuel Victor Bell 2010…

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Tire Rack Motorsports :: BMW CCA Club Racing

…the most challenging racetracks across the country and is open to BMWs that have the proper safety modifications for competition. By running under vintage racing rules that discourage overly aggressive driving, the club attempts to minimize the risk of vehicle damage normally associated with door-to-door…

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Racing Batteries

…events can save a driver precious pounds in their competition vehicle. Improving the performance of many race vehicles and providing custom car and vintage vehicle owners a car battery with acid-free technology, the racing batteries from Braille offer a wide variety of options. Regardless if you are ready…

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Don't let frustration take the air out of your tire search.

…and Bridgestone ran. Over the years I've owned such cars as Infiniti G35, Lexus IS350, Audi A4 Quattro, and Mazda CX-9. I've also been around the vintage car scene for quite some time and own a 1973 Charger which I restored myself. If you are online you can also view my vehicle specific recommendations…

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Hello and welcome...

…fitment specialist. I am also the brand manager for the following wheels brands: BBS wheels ATX truck wheels Motegi Racing wheels American Racing Vintage wheels Dale Earnhardt Jr. wheels Dick Cepek truck wheels My intention for this blog is to provide new product information on the wheel brands that…

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Related Categories: Vintage Car Tires | Vw Beetle | American Made Wheels | 185 70 13 | Muscle Car Tire | Sumitomo Htr 200 | Vn807 | Karmann Ghia | Vw Rims | Mag Wheels

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