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VW Jetta Tires

The VW Jetta has long been a main stay in the German car lineup and a reliable car for many drivers. Having owned one myself and with a few Jettas in the family, I can confidently recommend a good tire for this vehicle. For the 5th generation model, current sizes 195/65-15 or the 205/55-16, there are…

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VW Tires: From the Tiguan to the CC Sport and beyond.

…vehicle with performance to match. But to any VW driver, none of that matters if the tires can't keep up. And that's why we stock an excellent selection of VW tires. Take a look at the following: 2009 Volkswagen CC Sport: This vehicle features a 235/40ZR-18 tire size and we've chosen the Continental ContiSportContact…

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Best Tires for a VW Beetle

Best Tires for a VW Beetle

tires. One great option would be the Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season Plus. This Grand Touring All-Season tire has excellent year-round traction to go along with a superior ride. It offers a very comfortable and quiet ride and has a long-lasting treadlife warranty. Cinturato P7 All Season Plus tires

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Let's look at Volkswagen tires through the eyes of a GTI

…on the front or Volkswagen tires on the wheels. And when it comes to picking those VW tires, vehicle details—like model and year—make a big difference. At Tire Rack, we do our best to maintain an inventory with a wide variety of tires. However, not all of those tires are meant for a Volkswagen or…

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Vintage VW Tire Size Options

Tire Rack have been inflicted with vintage car-itis and I have the rarest strain of this as an air-cooled VW enthusiast. So, it is reasonable to ask, "what tires do you have for my 30 plus-year old Beetle or Karmann Ghia that will fit without modification?" * There are a number of tire options that Tire

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Jetta Tires: What works on your VW?

…looking for a list of Jetta tires. Or if you need to buy car tires for any vehicle, for that matter. Enter your make, model and year—we'll select appropriate tires, giving them to you in a well-organized manner. How organized? Think pictures, consumer reviews, even tire test results when available…

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Completing Your Golf R - Summer Tires for the 2012 Golf R

Completing Your Golf R - Summer Tires for the 2012 Golf R

About a month ago we had the opportunity to test drive the 2012 VW GTI on the Tire Rack test track. This is one really nice car! Maybe someday we'll get to test the best amongst all Golfs in my opinion: the 2012 VW Golf R. VW has gotten a lot of things right with the 2012 Golf R. First of all, the vehicle…

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VW Eurovan Tires

…The issue with finding tires for this vehicle is that the tires need to have at least a 102 load range in order to carry the weight of the vehicle. In the O.E. tire size of 225/60R16, this can be very difficult. Check that, IMPOSSIBLE! The bad news is that all of the tires we carried in that size that…

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Wheels & Tires for the 2011-2012 VW Jetta

Wheels & Tires for the 2011-2012 VW Jetta

Tire Rack, you can be assured the wheel you order is a perfect match for your vehicle. To see how we get the proper fitments for each vehicle, read "How We Know What Fits." Since I am a big fan of the Jetta TDI let's use this application as an example. For 17" wheels you can choose Volkswagen tires

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Steel Wheels in Stock for VW GTI

Steel Wheels in Stock for VW GTI

…It usually comes equipped with either summer tires from Bridgestone or all-season options from Pirelli or Dunlop. While these tires work well in the warmer months, they do not have much focus on snow traction. Which means purchasing a Winter / Snow Tire & Wheel Package is your best bet for handling…

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Winter Tires for Volkswagen Jetta

Winter Tires for Volkswagen Jetta

tire should I install on my VW?" My family vehicle is a VW Jetta TDI, and living in Northern Indiana, I need to be prepared for ice, snow and all of the fun that comes with driving in the harsh conditions. White knuckles are something that should not be a part of winter driving and changing tires can…

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Snow Tires (Winter Tires) in August?

…means I am already deep into the winter tire advertising. We are looking forward to a great season. Our selection of tire brands offering winter tires is bigger than ever, and we have a huge selection of aftermarket wheels priced for winter use in winter tire and wheel packages. I have found winter driving…

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