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Wheel Clearance = Affordable Wheels

…now, you can find a number of our wheels on the clearance rack. Find wheels for snow tires. Search reputable brands like MSW Wheels and Sport Edition Wheels, Borbet rims and more. Push the savings even further by searching tire and wheel sets. With a discounted wheel, these packages are even more affordable…

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Aftermarket car rims on the clearance rack? You bet.

…aftermarket car rims from our clearance rack. Act quick, though—this offer is only good while supplies last. Search by vehicle and look for wheels with Closeout (blue) and/or Special (yellow) prices. And while you're at it, you may want to check out tires. Wheel prices this low make Tire & Wheel Packages…

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Clearance wheels-Less than what?

…listings for closeout wheels can created a few questions about inventory levels. Wheels are on closeout since the manufacturer, for a variety of reasons, will not longer manufacture of a specific model. We display ALL models that we have for your particular vehicle even if the wheel is discontinued by the…

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Brembo GT 323mm Big Brake Kit

…massive aluminum calipers and large diameter brake discs require the use of aftermarket wheels with the necessary brake clearance. The wheel fitment specialists at Tire Rack have developed a list of appropriate wheel options per vehicle based on the exact brake kit chosen. This information, designed to…

Tire Rack : Brembo

…Results * Survey Results * Tire Reviews * Installation * Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems * More... * Wheels * Shop by Vehicle * Brands * Tire & Wheel Packages * Installation * Wheel Covers * Wheel Tech * Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems * More... * Winter * Shop by Vehicle * Shop by Size * Brands *…

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Wheel Clearance Event: Bright PVD Bremmer Kraft BR05

Wheel Clearance Event: Bright PVD Bremmer Kraft BR05

Have you been checking out our Wheel Clearance Event? One unique finish that may have caught your eye is the bright PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) finish on the Bremmer Kraft BR05. Physical Vapor Deposition is when the manufacturer electrostatically applies an ionized vapor to the alloy surface in a…

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O.Z. Racing Tuner System Wheels Available at Tire Rack

…custom 3-piece wheel program -- O.Z. Racing Tuner System. This program allows Tire Rack the opportunity to maximize wheel fitment without the limitations associated with one-piece wheels. Tire Rack's fitment specialists work to find the best balance between required brake clearance and maximum outer…

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Lorenzo Wheels Available at Tire Rack

…Evans Racing WORX * Lorenzo Wheels * Closeouts * About Lorenzo Created in 1999, Lorenzo Wheels' signature designs are a result of their state-of-the-art manufacturing process that highlights their attention to detail in wheel finishes. Lorenzo wheels feature the clearances needed for most luxury and high…

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Wheel Tech - Why Shop for Wheels by First Selecting a Vehicle?

Wheel Weights Can Affect Your Vehicle's Show...& Go! The Custom Assembly of O.Z. 3-Piece Wheels The Plus Concept The Right Fit is More Than Just Diameter Tire & Wheel Owner's Manual Tire & Wheel Package Ride Quality Confirmation Tire / Rim Protectors What is Quality? What is an Alloy Wheel? Wheel Construction…

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Wheel Clearance Event: 18" ATX Series Storm for Dodge Ram 1500

Wheel Clearance Event: 18" ATX Series Storm for Dodge Ram 1500

…Series Storm that is currently on closeout. As part of our Wheel Clearance Event, this wheel is now available for only $119! Add the overall performance and versatility of the 275/65-18 Firestone Destination A/T and you've got a Tire & Wheel Package for only $1,456.** 18x8.5 5-139 30mm offset Black w…

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Getting the Right Wheel Fit

…what wheels are available? Quite simply, the correct bolt pattern is a small piece in the wheel fitment puzzle and alone, does not guarantee a fit. Other items we measure or verify:* Bolt Pattern * Centerbore Diameter * Hub Diameter* Load Capacity* Lug Hardware * Suspension Components Clearance Below…

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Wheel Tech - How to Install Your Tire & Wheel Package

…caliper clearance. You should have at least 3-4mm of clearance between your wheels and the brakes on the vehicle. Step 7: Put your vehicle's transmission into neutral and turn each wheel by hand while making certain that the outer edge of the disc brake caliper doesn't touch the inside of the rim or that…

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Related Categories: Clearance Rims | Wheels By Size | Anti-seize | Closeout Tires | Black Chrome Wheels | What Size Custom Wheels Will Fit My Car | Lorenzo | View Rims On My Car | Used Chrome Wheels | Clearance
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