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Cryo Treated Brake Rotors
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  • StopTech Sport Slotted Cryo-Treated Rotor

  • Long Lasting, Warp-Resistant Brake RotorsStopTech has developed the StopTech Cryo cryogenically treated slotted rotors for drivers who want maximum durability from their brake rotors. Although not apparent to the naked eye, rotors treated cryogenically show significant improvements in longevity.…

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  • What Brake Rotors are Best?

  • …the Cryo-Stop rotors are a great choice. They're cryogenically treated for enhanced durability. Those who wish to upgrade braking performance and appearance of their vehicle can opt for slotted or drilled rotors. StopTech's SportStop Drilled Rotor and Sport Slotted Rotor are both excellent…

  • Brake Tech Information - Cryogenics 101

  • …wear on brake rotors and pads. Applications of Cryogenic Processing Brake rotors, performance engines, transmissions, gun barrels, cutting and machine tools, stabilizing ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Cryo-Treated Rotors Available at Tire Rack * Centric Plain 120 Series Cryo-Treated Rotor * Centric…

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  • Finding the Best Brake Rotors

  • …hot rotor quickly cools down. For example, after repeated braking, the rotor is run through a puddle of water. The single best defense against warping is a cryo-treated rotor. Centric Rotors StopTech Sport Slotted Rotor StopTech SportStop Drilled Rotor Shop by vehicle to find the best brake products…

  • Cryogenically treated brake rotors?

  • rotors treated cryogenically show large improvements in longevity. Cryogenic processing makes rotors more wear-resistant and durable while increasing protection against warping. * Rotors resist cracking, warping and fading.* Rotors last 2-3 times longer. Fewer pads and rotors are needed.* Rotors

  • What is a Cryo-Treated Brake Rotor?

  • …means. Cryo-treated rotors are actually cryogenically treated in addition to standard heat treating. Deep cryogenic treating is a one-time, homogenous process that permanently and dramatically improves the performance and useful life of metals in everything from brake rotors and performance engines…

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  • Best Brake Rotors for Import Cars

  • brakes are typically brake pad noise and brake pedal vibration. Both of these issues can be linked to worn out brake pads or brake rotors. For recommendations on new brake brake pads, read "Picking the Best SUV, Crossover and Truck Brake Pads." Centric High Carbon Plain 125 Series Rotor

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  • Brake Rotor Differences

  • …milling done on drilled and slotted rotors actually removes some of the metal on the rotor that is used to absorb and dissipate heat, so unless you have a big brake kit upgrade to make up for the lost material, the drilled and slotted rotors are actually a little less effective than a plain rotor.

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  • Choosing the Best Brake Rotors for Your Vehicle

  • rotors look and perform great, but are less durable than slotted. Cryo-Treated - Cryo-treating is a process of increasing the durability of the rotor metal through a controlled heating/cooling process that can be applied to any of the above rotor styles. Shop by vehicle to find the brake components…

  • StopTech Cryo-SportStop Drilled Rotor

  • …cryogenically treated for durability and extra strength. Manufactured usingQS and ISO Quality System Standards, quality and performance are ensured.With an internal vane structure identical to stock rotors, the one-piece StopTech Cryo-SportStop Drilled Rotor is a direct replacement rotor that fits…

  • Centric Plain 120 Series Cryo-Treated Rotor

  • …all replacement rotors are created equally. Cryo-Stop Premium Rotors deliver durability and appearance-enhancing features at a great price — without cutting corners.Cryo-Stop utilizes an Electrocoating (E-coating) finish as a corrosion barrier and rotors are cryogenically treated as well, for…

  • Centric High Carbon Plain 125 Series Cryo-Treated Rotor

  • Rotors are cryogenically treated for durability and extra strength. Manufactured using QS and ISO Quality System Standards ensure quality and performance.Utilizing the same split core symmetric molding process used by Original Equipment manufacturers, Centric's High Carbon Plain 125Series Rotors

  • If you need to replace brake rotors, consider Cryo-Stop.

  • …also cryogenically treated, which means they're cooled to -300 degrees F and then slowly brought back to room temperature. This process positively affects the metal to a point where it'll last up to three times as long as untreated rotors. Learn more about Cryogenics, then search for brake rotors.

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  • Warped rotors? No problem!

  • …Tahoe, a heavy SUV with fairly small brakes. I have replaced the front rotors with Original Equipment equivalent rotors only to replace them again a few months later due to severe warping from the heat generated by every day normal braking. Cryo-stop rotors have been the solution to my problem.…

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