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  • Review of: Michelin Pilot Sport Rib

  • Superior traction and handling compared to previous Michelin MXX3 Pilots. Noisier with a drumming/droning noise. Improved responsiveness. Definitely a great tire for Porsche.

  • Paint Your Calipers

  • …give a vehicle’s stock brake calipers or rear brake drums the look of expensive, painted, high performance calipers. It applies easily and is engineered for universal application on all automotive brake calipers and drums. Application is fairly simple -- just three simple steps: preparation,…

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  • Seeing Red

  • …Set provides sufficient material to paint four brake calipers, or two brake calipers and two brake drums. However, vehicles with large brake calipers on the front axle and large brake drums on the rear axle may require two complete PaintSystem Sets to assure adequate coverage. We had plenty…

  • Show off those brake calipers!

  • …freedom to personalize yet another aspect of your vehicle. Give your stock brake calipers an expensive, high performance look and add color to rear drum brake-equipped vehicles. The paint is easily applied with a brush, and actually helps protect such an important part of your vehicle from harmful…

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  • An Intro to Brake Components

  • …to slow things down. And what creates that friction? Brake calipers against pads against rotors. Moving to the rear axle, you'll most likely find drum brakes. Advantages? Low cost and the ability to integrate the emergency parking brake. (Read more.) While this is the basic gist of a braking system,…

  • Brake Tech Information - Understanding How Brakes Work

  • …work by converting kinetic energy (forward motion) into thermal energy (heat). The friction between the stationary brake pad and rotating disk or drum as it slides past the pad convert the motion of the wheel and tire into heat, much the way rubbing your hands together on a cold day will warm them…

  • Pull Those Stud Cips!

  • …and aftermarket alloy wheels are installed. More often than not, the vibrations are caused by little washers attached to the brake rotor or brake drum. These locking washers are called stud clips. These are found mostly on domestic vehicles produced by GM, Ford, Chrysler, Saturn, and even on some…


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