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  • Touch of Grey for Your Chevy Impala

  • Touch of Grey for Your Chevy Impala

    …is more appealing to the eye because of better symmetry. With five lugs and four spokes you can either have a spoke aligned with a lug opening or the lug openings between each spoke. You can't achieve this same symmetry with five spokes and four lugs. * Tire Rack's Upgrade Garage suggests a…

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  • Pull Those Stud Cips!

  • …clips are installed to hold the drum or rotor in place against the hub as the vehicle moves down the assembly line in the factory. They do a great job of keeping the rotor from falling off before the caliper and brake pads are installed but once the car or truck is assembled, they serve no important…

  • TEST RESULTS: Ultra High Performance Summer Tires

  • We like to play with our tires. Not only does it make our job fun, it gives us the ability to really get to know a tire. And the more we know an individual tire, the easier it is for us to help you find the perfect set. We recently tested four Ultra High Performance Summer tires—the BFGoodrich…

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  • My #FirstCarMoment

  • My #FirstCarMoment

    …new campaign has us going down memory lane to the time we got our first car. Whether it was handed down to you by your parents, or you worked a few jobs to earn it, none of us will forget the feeling of owning our first car. I got my first Jeep as a Christmas present back when I was in college and…

  • Suspension Tech Information - Damper Dynamics

  • …10Hz. Hit a bump without dampers, and the suspension would continue to bounce up and down uncontrollably like a bobble head doll. The damper's job is to reduce the size and/or speed of the suspension movement, preventing the never-ending bobble head scenario. We've all seen that older car going…

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  • Tire Tech Information - Tire Rack's Tire Testing Program

  • …Hardware * Free Order Pick-Up * * * * * * Facebook * Twitter * Google+ * Pinterest * Mail Tire Rack's Tire Testing Program Test driver is one of the job descriptions for every Tire Rack sales specialist. That's because Tire Rack believes it is first-hand experience and extensive training that allow…

  • Winter Tech Information - When Should I Replace My Tires?

  • …edges that bite into snow. But that's only half the equation; because we've seen that tread depth also contributes to how well the design does its job. The air our tires encounter at highway speeds can easily be compressed and moved out of the way with relative ease. However the same isn't true of…


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