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Non-directional Tread
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  • Tires Are Like Shoes

  • Tires Are Like Shoes

    …the tread. If your current tires have heel-to-toe wear, it's best to pick a non-directional tire as your replacement choice. Your installer can cross-rotate non-directional tires without having to dismount them. So, if your heel-to-toe wear noise is driving you crazy, look for a non-directional

  • Tire Tech Information - Tread Pattern Noise

  • …tire rotation shares the work and the wear between all of the vehicle's tires and results in non-directional tires rolling in both clockwise and counter-clockwise directions. Because every tire's tread is its deepest and the most susceptible to irregular wear when new, the first tire rotation is…

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  • Classic Look with Modern Technology

  • …have the Radial T/A mounted with the white letters facing out, the tire can also be mounted with the letters facing in, as the tread design is non-directional and symmetrical. In addition to the 235/70-15 size, BFGoodrich makes a number of classic old-school muscle car sizes including 215/70-14…

  • Tire Noise: Tips to Keep them Rolling Quietly

  • …tire technology, you can keep your tires rolling quieter for more miles. Tires get noisy for a couple of reasons including tread design, uneven wear and tire construction. Tread Design: Tire manufacturers work hard to design tires that will provide good traction without sacrificing ride quality.…

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