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Psi Temperature
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  • Do I Need Nitrogen in My Tires?

  • …and fall with changes in temperature by about one psi for every 10° Fahrenheit. In addition, the tire will flex during use (or even at rest) and allow air to escape through the rubber liner of your tire at the molecular level, losing as much as one additional psi of pressure each month. While…

  • Under Pressure: Pressure Gauge vs. Ambient Temperature

  • …led an unknown but lengthy service life. Room Temperature (72 Degrees F) Dial gauge 0.9 psi low, 2.26 percent error Low-cost digital gauge 0.4 psi high, 0.98 percent error Pocket digital gauge 6.4 psi high, 16.11 percent error Pencil gauge 5.6 psi low, 14.18 percent error The low-cost digital gauge…

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  • How Much Air is in that Tire? It looks a little low.

  • …cold the temperature is. Your tires will lose about 1 psi per 10 degree drop in temperature. The best time to check tire pressure is first thing in the morning, however if have pulled the car in the garage I could recommend putting a 2-3 extra psi to compensate for the higher temperature in the…

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  • Extreme Weather and Your Tires

  • …season, get the air pressure gauge out and take an accurate reading. Did you know your tire pressure can dip 1 psi for every 10ºF drop in temperature. The change in air temperature could mean your tire's air pressure is significantly lower than the recommended amount. A properly pressured tire…

  • Caring for Your New Winter / Snow Tires

  • …change about 1 psi for every 10º Fahrenheit change in air temperature. Most parts of North America experience a difference in average summer and winter temperatures of about -50º F, that's a potential loss of about 5 psi as winter's temperatures settle in. That loss in psi is enough to…

  • Winter Air Pressure Versus Summer Air Pressure

  • …as the temperature gets colder. This is because a change of 10 degrees Fahrenheit in air temperature can change your tire's inflation by about one psi. During some winter months the temperature can be 40 degrees Fahrenheit one day and below zero just a few days later - that could mean a 4-5 psi

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  • Affordable Tire Gauges from Accutire

  • …When the temperature drops, the air inside your tires naturally contracts at a rate of about 1 psi per 10 degrees Fahrenheit. Moreover, it is natural for air pressure to permeate through the tire's rubber sidewall at an additional rate of approximately 1 psi per month regardless of temperature. This…

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  • Why two valve stems on Kosei K1 wheel?

  • …has larger molecules than ambient air and is less likely to "seep" through the pores in all tires. It also is less sensitive to temperature so the psi stays more even as the tire heats and cools with track use. The two valve stems help in exchanging ambient air for Nitrogen. One stem is…

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  • Do my tires lose AIR pressure?

  • …your car running safe and well for most drivers. Did you know that for each 10 degrees of ambient air temperature your tire pressure changes by 1 PSI (UP or DOWN)? Did you know that 3 PSI change could mean a 10% reduction in the load rating of your tire? It also means the increase of heat and…

  • How to Prepare Your Car or Truck for Holiday Travel

  • …a measure of protection against potholes and other road debris. Remember that tire pressure will drop roughly one psi every month and an additional psi for every 10 degrees of temperature change. Air pressure gauges only cost a few dollars and should be kept in a glove box or center console. * Check…

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