Sidewall Damage

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Sidewall Damage
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  • Is There a Bubble on Your Tire?

  • Is There a Bubble on Your Tire?

    …impact damage from road conditions. When a tire hits a pothole or a sharp object on the road, the force from the weight of the vehicle is focused on a relatively small area of contact. This compresses the tire enough that the inside of the tire's sidewall can be pinched and damaged. This damage

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  • The Truth About Warranties

  • …may be covered is to look at the below disqualifying conditions: * Puncture * Injuries to the sidewall or tread that do not penetrate the carcass * Running a tire underinflated or flat * Impact damage * Shoulder wear that's commonly caused by underinflation, hard cornering or alignment issues…

  • Tire Tech Information - Tire / Rim Protectors

  • …on the road have never been considered a tire's friend, many of today's tires resist accidental damage by featuring thicker rubber molded at key locations on their sidewalls. This helps reduce damage to the tires and/or wheels when drivers accidentally rub them against curbs while parking or turning…

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  • Is your tire cracking?

  • …"weather cracking," maybe even "ozone cracking," it's cracking just the same. Most often you'll notice the damage along the sidewalls, and if the damage goes deep below the surface—odds are good it just might be time for a new tire. And typically, cracking only occurs later…


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