Tire Wear Patterns

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Tire Wear Patterns
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  • Tires Are Like Shoes

  • …excessive tire noise is heel-to-toe wear. What is heel-to-toe wear? Taking a look at my running shoes can help explain. Notice how the back of each "tread block" is worn more than the front? If your noisy tires have a similar wear pattern, you've got heel-to-toe wear. How do your tires

  • Mixing Tires

  • …and use identical tires on all of their vehicle's wheel positions in order to maintain the best control and stability. Additionally, drivers should never mix winter tires with all-season/summer tires or mix run-flat tires with non-run-flat tires. Unfortunately wearing out all tires at the same time…

  • Torquing Wheels in a Star Pattern

  • …lugs in any pattern and then torque in the star pattern. This may still yield a good torquing but consistency reinforces behavior -- always snug in the star pattern as well. Paying attention to your wheel mounting surfaces, hardware, and then tightenting the lugs in the star patterns shown above…

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  • Tire Tech Information - Tread Pattern Noise

  • …have climbed, it's probable the first tire rotation will be required as a stand-alone service. NOTE: Skipping tire rotations is likely to promote irreversible irregular tread wear patterns that will increase noise over time. Related Links * Noise Reducing Tire Technology * Tire Rotation Instructions

  • Tire Tech Information - Diagonal Tread Wear / Tread Scuffing

  • …diagonal tread wear pattern. Minimizing Diagonal Tread Scuffing / Diagonal Tire Wear Maintaining the vehicle alignment is critical, especially the toe settings. Periodic tactile tire inspection (running your hand around the circumference of the tire) may reveal developing wear patterns sooner than…

  • Tire Tech Information - Tire Rotation Instructions

  • …worn tires on the other three wheel positions. Six (6) Tire Rotation Vehicles with dual rear wheels and non-directional tires of the same type and size in all six wheel positions may use either of the following rotation patterns (Figure H and Figure I), keeping in mind the wear pattern and wear rate…

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  • Tire Tech Information - Alignment

  • …of age. Incorrect alignment settings will usually result in more rapid tire wear. Therefore, alignment should be checked whenever new tires or suspension components are installed, and any time unusual tire wear patterns appear. Alignment should also be checked after the vehicle has encountered…

  • Tire Tech Information - Measuring Tire Tread Depth with a Tire Gauge

  • …etc, can cause rapid or uneven tire wear. An accurate tread depth gauge can detect developing wear patterns earlier than simply looking at the tread. This often allows the cause to be identified and corrected before excessive or irregular tread wear ruins the tire. Test Report Video: Panic Stopping:…

  • Tire Tech Information - Tire Inspections Between Sessions

  • …have suspensions optimized for even tire wear across the whole tread area. The result is usually a band of heavy wear on the outboard shoulder, especially on the front tires. Use visual change in the remaining tread pattern as your guide to judge tire wear. Once the lateral grooves in the shoulder…

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