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Warped Rotors
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  • Warped rotors? No problem!

  • …replaced the front rotors with Original Equipment equivalent rotors only to replace them again a few months later due to severe warping from the heat generated by every day normal braking. Cryo-stop rotors have been the solution to my problem. Although they still look like stock rotors, internally…

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  • Finding the Best Brake Rotors

  • …of a warped rotor. It can happen when excessive heat builds up or a hot rotor quickly cools down. For example, after repeated braking, the rotor is run through a puddle of water. The single best defense against warping is a cryo-treated rotor. Centric Rotors StopTech Sport Slotted Rotor StopTech…

  • Got Torque?

  • …a lug stud causing the loss of a lug. This can cause vibration or the loss of a wheel over time. 3) Uneven torque can cause vibrations or warp your brake rotors, causing poor brake performance and brake vibration. Torque specs vary by car and manufacturer. To find out your vehicle's specific torque…

  • What Brake Rotors are Best?

  • rotor. A rotor's primary job is to dissipate the heat caused by braking. Eventually the rotor's thickness will wear down to the point where replacement is needed or they need to be replaced due to warping. Which rotors are best for you will depend on your budget and needs. Standard rotors,

  • Cryogenically treated brake rotors?

  • rotors treated cryogenically show large improvements in longevity. Cryogenic processing makes rotors more wear-resistant and durable while increasing protection against warping. * Rotors resist cracking, warping and fading.* Rotors last 2-3 times longer. Fewer pads and rotors are needed.* Rotors

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  • Best Brake Rotors for Import Cars

  • …durability, more resistance to warping and longer rotor life, I would consider checking out the StopTech Sport Slotted Cryo-Treated Rotor. These rotors have more resistance to cracking, warping and brake fade while delivering two to three times the life of a standard rotor. Given that much of the…

  • StopTech Sport Slotted Cryo-Treated Rotor

  • …Although not apparent to the naked eye, rotors treated cryogenically show significant improvements in longevity. Deep cryogenic processing creates dramatic increases in abrasive wear resistance and durability while also reducing residual stresses for an extra level of protection against warping. ...

  • Cryo-Treated Rotors: What's the Difference?

  • …internal oxidation and increasing thermal fatigue resistance. Cryogenically treated rotors can last up to three times as long as untreated rotors" If you have a vehicle that has had issues warping rotors or are a person that drives harder than average, you may find that the added cost incurred…

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  • What is a Cryo-Treated Brake Rotor?

  • …Cryo-Treated Rotor StopTech Cryo-SportStop Drilled Rotor A cryo-treated rotor will be more resistant against wear and warping than conventional heat treated rotors. If you're looking for the most durable replacement rotor with outstanding ability to withstand warping, a cryo-treated rotor will…

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  • STOP : in the name of satisfaction.

  • …current brake system? Shudder, warp, squeak? Do your brakes give up stopping power when you need it most? Cryogenic freezing a brake rotor can increase durability and help to resist warping. I have used three to four sets of pads per one set of frozen rotors before minimum thickness was achieved.…

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